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Conference Board Employment Trends Index Predicts Positive Job Growth Q1 2010
7 Smart Networking Moves Guaranteed To Make You More Memorable
One-on-One Career Coaching with Joellyn
Quote of the Month: On "Abundance"
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Dear Joellyn,


I want to thank you not only for preparing my resume in a fashion that I am still in awe of, but in taking the time to help me think about the many options in front of me, without really being aware of all of them.


My time spent with you opened up doors and opportunities I had only begun to explore. You are quite good at pep talks, which I need once in awhile.  As a coach, people come to you for your services when they are either down on their luck, out of  job, or seeking greener pastures. Not an optimal time in a person's life. In my case, you helped me re-focus my energies and strengths and helped me realize that there were more opportunities within my field of expertise, which for one reason or another I did not develop to the fullest.


Thanks for all of your help!


Ronald V.

Ophthalmology Practice Consultant

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Greetings!                              Joellyn Headshot 2009 
How's the weather in your part of the world?  Worcester, Mass has certainly had it's fair share of snow -- just under six feet, to date. Although I'm amazed with the record snowfall in areas of the U.S. which typically have little or no snow during the winter, like Washington DC and Atlanta, Georgia.   

The U.S. Labor Market appears to be on the upswing. According to a February 8 report issued by The Conference Board, the Employment Trends Index (ETI)has risen for the 5th consecutive month, which "the powers that be" interpret as a sign to feel "more optimistic that job growth will resume in the first quarter of 2010" --  even earlier than their [our] analysis."


With this surge of positive energy, you might feel more motivated to resume your job search. A great way to jump-start your efforts is to attend networking and business events, which offer opportunities to meet hiring managers in your target list of companies -- or people who can lead you to them. For strategies to build productive connections at these venues, follow the tips in the article: 7 Smart Networking Moves Guaranteed to Make You More Memorable.      

Even though you might be ready to make a change in your employment situation, you may be uncertain about what that change looks like -- or what your next steps should be. If this is true for you, a  Career Action Planning (CAP) Session will help identify where you're getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process of making this job or career change -- and provide you with a plan to land your ideal career position faster than you ever thought possible. Scroll down for more information. 
In support of your career success,
:-) Joellyn 
P.S. A great big "Welcome" to my new subscribers!
ConfBoardThe Conference Board Employment Trends Index (ETI)™  Report: February 8, 2010
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 The Conference Board Employment Trends Index (ETI)™ rose in January for the fifth consecutive month. The index now stands at 93.2, up 1 percent from December's 92.3,..Read more here:
Networking7 Smart Networking Moves Guaranteed To Make You More Memorable
Networking People 2

It's a fact: employers prefer to hire people they know over "mystery" candidates.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all jobs are found through networking. (Source: Conferences, trade shows, meetings, and small group gatherings are excellent venues for being visible, getting connected, and becoming known to the people in your target companies who have the power to hire or people closely associated with those hiring managers.
Follow these "7 C's" to maximize connections at events:  

1. Catalog your strengths, value, and vision. Know who you are and what you want. What are your greatest strengths? Convert those strengths into value. How would you describe your value if an employer asks, "What can you do for us?   Be clear about what opportunities you are targeting and what skills you want to use that would tap into what you enjoy doing the most.

2. Create your marketing theme. Using three key strengths from #1 above, write a short "sound bite." For example: "As a sales rep for hotel properties, I specialize in Research, Relationships, and Revenue Growth. My research skills helped unearth a list of 40 qualified prospects. My relationship skills opened the doors to meet decision-makers and match the benefits of our property with their needs. The end result is that revenue grew more than 30% over the past 12 months, at a time when most properties' revenues were stagnant or declining."

3. Chart your course. If you're attending a large convention or trade show, do some planning to cover all the ground efficiently. Review the attendee list to identify who you want to meet and when /where you might call on them. Ask colleagues to recommend who you should consider meeting. Do a quick Google search on your target contacts so your conversations can be more personal. In some cases, it may be appropriate to email or phone contacts prior to the event. Mention that you'll be attending (at the suggestion of a known and trusted colleague of the contact) and are looking forward to saying a brief "hello".


4. Connect with people. Measure your networking success by the number of meaningful conversations you've had, not by the number of business cards you've handed out or collected. The fastest way to have a meaningful conversation is to put aside your personal agenda for finding a job and focus on the other person. How? Smile, make eye contact and show genuine interest by asking questions, like "What's the most interesting exhibit [seminar, idea, project] you've seen here?" Or, "Who would you like to meet here?" if you know someone who could help make the connection. Or, "What do you hope to accomplish at this event?"

5. Clarify needs. Clarify your contact's needs to understand how you can be of value. Arm yourself with intelligent questions: "What important projects are gathering dust in your in-box? What interesting projects are you working on now and where might you need help? What changes or challenges do you see in the next 6-12 months at your company? What will those changes bring? What resources or ideas are you looking for at this event?" (Side note: notice that you're not asking about job openings.)

6. Collaborate on needs. Position yourself as the answer to those needs. For instance, "In my most recent position, we had a similar problem. What have you tried so far? ... We found that xyz system worked well in our situation." Or, "are you aware of such-and-such a resource?"


7. Continue the connection. Look for opportunities to ask for a business card or permission to make contact again soon. You might say, "I don't want to take up too much of your time just now. Perhaps we can continue our conversation after the conference/meeting. When would it be convenient to touch base with you again?" Or, "I know someone who may be a good connection for you. I'll be glad to email you their contact info."

Two final "C's":  Carve out some post-meeting/conference time on your calendar for follow-up with personalized emails or phone calls. Commit to keeping these new relationships alive in the months ahead. When the right opportunity opens up at your target company, you'll find yourself on the short list, head and shoulders above the mystery candidates!  
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CAPSessionOne-on-One Career Coaching with Joellyn: Change in Direction
Career Action Planning (CAP) Session 
 Are you ready to make a change in your employment situation -- but you don't know what that change looks like  -- or what your next steps should be?  A Career Action Planning  (CAP) Session will help identify where you're getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process of making this job or career change -- and provide you with a plan to help land your ideal career position -- in record time!     
In this two-hour strategic breakthrough consultation,
you and I will talk about your work situation, your job search, and whatever seems to be making you feel stuck. We'll even discuss your career history from your early decision-making days to the present, to identify patterns and themes which stand out. 
I'll listen, ask important questions, and provide you with constructive feedback:
(1) What's working: Job search/interview strategies or career decisions which appear to be moving in the right direction.    

(2) What's needs attention: Pointing out what can be changed or added, to achieve the greatest impact or potential.    
(3) Next steps which can be easily implemented to reach career goals faster. 
Then, you can decide if you want to continue working with me or otherwise. Either way, you'll finish the session with a sense of "Aha! Now I know what I need to do!"    
Investment:  $175.00.  This includes:
  • MP3 recording of the session, plus a written summary.
  • 44-page Special Report: "The 12 Biggest Mistakes Job Hunters and Career Changers Make -- and How to Avoid Them." (New and updated for Nov 2009)
  • 45-minute follow-up session (no additional charge)
 Still skeptical? Read what a sampling of clients have said about their experience: 
 "Joellyn came recommended to me by a friend. I was a bit hesitant at first but with my results I am extremely satisfied! I only did "step 1"[CAP Session] of what Joellyn offers and for me at this time I felt it was worth it. We had discussed many aspects of my career and she was able to help identify very key skills I had overlooked. We had also taken the time to do a high level review of my resume, which was just what I needed after being out of the interviewing market for so long.  With the recommendations from Joellyn I was able to recraft my resume and my outlook on interviews that has landed me the perfect career path that I am excited to move forward with. Thank you Joellyn!" --- Candy Scarale, Executive Administrative Assistant
"I want you to know that I play the CAP Session recording at least once a month to keep me on track."
---- John Koch, Accounting Professional
"Joellyn and I had a Career Action Planning (CAP) session and I appreciated her step-by-step approach and her ability as a professional consultant. I found the methodology so supportive and enlightening to my own personal and professional growth.  She is a rare coach and valuable colleague." --- Harry Reczek, Social Media Expert, LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn LION  
 Visit my website to learn more or contact me to schedule this single session. (Note: this session is conducted by telephone).
Quote of the Month: On "Abundance"
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"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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