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Best Book on Job Search Networking
Top 10 Tips for Uncovering Employment Opportunities
Stuck, Stalled or Confused in Your Job Search or Career?
Quote of the Month: On "The Future"
Applause - ClappingClient Landings and Testimonials
Congratulations to Candy Scarale, who landed an executive admin position at Goodrich  in Chelmsford, MA. She attributes her success to her professional, yet persistent follow-up, after applying for positions she was interested in.
Kudos to Greg Steffon who landed his position as Business Development Manager for Chartis Insurance (Boston, MA; spin-off from AIG) in August 2009. 
Here's what he said about his experience with me:   
"My investment in your services was worth its weight in gold! I must say that you have far exceeded my expectations. Our work together resulted in finding my new job in a super-fast timeframe, considering the state of today's economy.
This happened because you helped me discover what I'm really good at, the work I would enjoy most, and the workplace culture where I would thrive. Then, we crafted a résumé which reflected my best skills, abilities, and accomplishments.
This resulted in a surprisingly high number of interviews, which ultimately led to landing my current job -- which I really enjoy! Every day, I look forward to going to work!
Thank you, Joellyn, for believing in me and sticking with me through the process.
I am happy to recommend you to anyone who wants a competitive edge in today's labor market, to land a job as quickly as I did."  
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Greetings!                             Joellyn Headshot 2009 
November-- the month of Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday!  My children, who live in Chicago, will be coming to visit for a week during the Thanksgiving holiday. I can't wait to see them!
October and November have been  busy months for me, in the public speaking arena. Besides being interviewed on a local radio station, I've given a signature talk: "Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market"  at a couple of venues in Central Massachusetts. One resource I cite is a recently published  book: Highly Effective Networking: Meet The Right People and Get A Great Job. This book is so good I've been offering it as a raffle gift at public speaking engagements; plus I recommend it as "required reading" for my private clients.  
Tapping the hidden job market requires a mindset shift, from looking for "openings, vacancies, and who's hiring" to finding "opportunities spawning from unmet needs." The article: "Top 10 Tips for Uncovering Employment Opportunities" will give you some great ideas.      
Are you stuck, stalled or confused in your job search or career? Whether you want to make a career change, re-enter the job market after a long absence or layoff or invested too much time in an unproductive search, a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session will get to the root of your problem and give you a plan to help you reach your career goals faster than you thought possible. 
Here's to your Career Success!
:-) Joellyn 
P.S. A great big "Welcome" to my new subscribers!
Spirit970AMNews from "The Office": Interview on Spirit 970 AM Radio ( 
Applause - Clapping On November 16, I was interviewed on the program "Regina Takes Aim" on "Spirit 970 AM Radio"- division of The interview's primary focus was "The Twelve Biggest Mistakes Job-Hunters and Career-Changers Make; And How To Avoid Them." When the MP3 recording of this interview becomes available to me, I'll provide it in my next newsletter - or in a special email.
EffectiveNetworkingBest Book on Job Search Networking  

Highly Effective Networking: Meet the Right People and Get a Great Job
by Orville Pierson (Career Press)
Paperback: $10.87
This is "hands down" the best book written on job search networking, which is very different from other forms of networking. 
Orville Pierson, Director of Program Design at Lee Hecht Harrison, provides a practical, step-by-step blueprint of how to conduct your job-search networking campaign, to help you reach key decision-makers in your targeted companies.          

Applause - ClappingUncoverEmploymentOppsTop 10 Tips for Uncovering Employment Opportunities            

Opportunities are frequently disguised as unmet needs. Instead of looking for "openings, vacancies, or who's hiring" jobseekers and career changers should look for "opportunities" in these places:
1. Under your nose! For those currently employed, opportunities are frequently right within reach. Where is your current team or group not getting its needs met? Where does it "hurt?" What needs fixed, re-engineered, or improved?
2. Inside your current employer. For those in larger organizations, consider exploring other departments or divisions. Make a contact there, take them to coffee, ask questions about their department's/division's needs.
3. Past employers. Provided you haven't burned bridges, these contacts will often be your allies, as they already know the quality of your work.
4. Other departments or divisions of past employers. Don't forget to ask past employer contacts (#3) about what is happening beyond their department or division.
5. Competitors of your current/past employer. Chambers of Commerce, local libraries or your favorite search Internet engine can often produce a quick list of companies or competitors within your industry. Knowing the ins-and-outs of an industry and its products/processes will make you a "fast match" in the eyes of recruiters / hiring managers.
6. Your profession. Don't confine your profession (sales, accounting, writing) to your current industry. You may be a sales professional for the tile industry yet have a burning interest in wine-making or glass-making. Vintners and glaziers need sales people, too! Many skill sets are easily transferable to other industries and interests.
7. Your personal needs. What problems / frustrations / needs have you encountered lately? Did you find satisfactory products / services/responses to your need? If not, there may be an untapped market niche. I heard about an unemployed MBA from San Francisco started his own mobile crepe stand when he couldn't find good crepes in California. His newly minted title: West Coast Crepe King, which is still in business today!
8. Your industry needs. Pay attention to the winds of change. What new shifts or trends do you see coming for your industry? Is your company or its competitors prepared to meet those changes? What can you do to help prepare them? Put a proposal together- evangelize it with stakeholders and decision-makers.
9. Professional associations. Read your association's publications, talk to its office holders and movers-and-shakers, subscribe to list-serves, volunteer for committees, speak at association conferences. Be known, and people will want to know (and hire) you!
10. Traditional sources: Internet job postings, classified ads, recruiters, job fairs, etc. Yes, these resources are still viable, but with layoffs taking place daily, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. Approach each of these resources with the mantra of: "What are your pressing needs? Here's how I can meet them!"
© 2009 Adapted from Career Coach Academy.
CAPSessionStuck, Stalled or Confused in Your Job Search? New Question MarkCareer Change Stuck in Neutral?
Whatever career problem you may be  struggling with -- whether you want to make a career change, re-enter the job market after a long absence or layoff or invested too much time in an unproductive search-- a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session will get to the root of your problem and provide a plan to help you reach your career goals faster than you thought possible.  
In this 2-hour strategic breakthrough consultation,
you and I will talk about your work situation, your job search, and whatever seems to be making you feel stuck.  We'll even discuss your career history from your early decision-making days to the present, to identify patterns and themes which stand out. 
I'll listen, ask important questions, and provide you with constructive feedback:
(1) What's working: You'll learn which career decisions  and job search strategies you've implemented that are on the right track.  

(2) What's needs attention: You'll discover what's really holding you back from making your deeply-desired career change--or landing the job you want. The findings will surprise and delight you!   
(3) Next steps: You'll get the beginnings of a focused strategy to land the job you want or make the career change which is right for you---instead of wasting your time with unproductive activities. 
Then, you can decide if you want to continue working with me or otherwise. Either way, you'll finish the session with a sense of "Aha! Now I know what I need to do!"    
Investment:  $175.00.  This includes:
  • MP3 recording of the session, plus a written summary.
  • 44-page Special Report: "The 12 Biggest Mistakes Job Hunters and Career Changers Make -- and How to Avoid Them." (New and updated for Nov 2009)
  • 45-minute follow-up session (no additional charge)
Still skeptical?  Here's what some clients have said:
"I want you to know that I play the CAP Session recording at least once a month to keep me on track." ---- John K. Accounting Professional
"Joellyn and I had a Career Action Planning (CAP) session and I appreciated her step-by-step approach and her ability as a professional consultant. I found the methodology so supportive and enlightening to my own personal and professional growth.  She is a rare coach and valuable colleague." --- Harry Reczek, Social Media Expert, LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn LION  
After going through your CAP Session I quickly realized you were someone I felt comfortable with and would tell me the truth. Together we uncovered my talents so I could have fun at work again.  After completing your coaching program, I started my own business and am having the time of my life! 
Visit my website to learn more or contact me to schedule this single session. (Note: this session is conducted by telephone).
Quote of the Month: On "The Future"
New Q
 ""The best way to predict the future is to create it."  - Peter F. Drucker

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