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2009 Workforce / Workplace Forecast (The Herman Group)
Joellyn Recommends: The INC 5000
Career Action Planning Breakthrough Session
Quote of the Month: On "Success"
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Story of the Month
Dear Joellyn,
Thanks very much for your contribution to my success. 
I know that I never looked so well on paper (no degrees or computer skills).  So, I was always dismissed before I could open my mouth. 
I now confess that 2 out of 3 people who interviewed me waived my résumé. They stressed values, something I believe in and can talk about for hours. 
Our work together certainly gave me that extra boost of confidence I need to get the job!   
Thanks again!
Debora B.
Customer Service Professional 
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Greetings!                           Joellyn in Black Suit 
Happy New Year!  Hope yours is off to a great start. I'm well aware of the not-so-pretty headlines reported by the media, of the unemployment ratio and massive layoffs. While I would never dismiss these facts, I always advocate keeping a positive perspective on the labor market and the economy in troubled times. 
First, do your best to ignore the media and understand that their job is to promote "bad news" which somehow sells newspapers and boosts TV ratings. Second, instead of looking at the unemployment ratio number, consider that the larger percentage of the US population is still working. Third, focus on the growing sectors of the labor market, which include: Health Care; Education; Government; Clean Energy; International Business; Security; Food Services; Technology; Business Services; Self-Employment / Home-Based Businesses.
For another perspective of the labor market, be sure to read the Workforce/Workplace Forecast for 2009, published by the Herman Group. What is predicted in this report has been a conglomeration of observations from 2008 as well as trend-spotting for 2009.   
To diversify your job search, consider opportunities within the private sector instead of larger corporations, which are usually the first downsize and layoff. A good place to start is the INC 5000: the fastest growing privately-held companies in America which are prospering in today's economy.   
Are you stuck stalled, or confused in your career?  Do you believe you are worth more but are unsure about how to gain back value in today's economy? 
 A Career Action Planning Breakthrough Session may be just what you need to move you forward. 
Here's to your Career Success!
:-) Joellyn
P.S.: A great big "Welcome!" to all the new readers who subscribed since last month! You're going to love the resources you'll find here to help you find greater career success...Enjoy!
Cover Letters for Dummies 3rd Edition News from "The Office"
Cover Letters for Dummies, 3rd Edition Available in Bookstores Soon!   
In August 2007, I announced that four of my cover letter samples were accepted for inclusion in Cover Letters for Dummies- 3rd Edition, written by veteran career columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy (Publisher: Wiley). I just received my advance copy and understand that this book will soon be available in major bookstores. 
Contained in this book are samples which can be used for print, online, or social networking: 
*Job Ad Reply Letters
*Online Cover Notes
*Prospecting/Broadcast Letters  
*Networking for Leads Letters
*Resume Combo Letters
*After-Interview Letters: Thank You and Follow- Up letters.
*Personal Branding Statements  
Can't wait to see it in bookstores?  Order direct from the publisher: 
2009 Workforce/Workplace Forecast
(The Herman Group) 
The Herman Group LogoEach year at this time, The Herman Group issues its annual forecast. This year, once more, we offer you our full forecast for the coming year:
1. Certain Skill Sets Continue to be in Short Supply. In spite of the global economic slowdown and massive layoffs, certain skill sets are in short supply. All but the most short-sighted employers will continue to respect talented workers in all fields for their contributions.
2. Some Employers will make Serious Mistakes, Threatening their Very Survival. Wise employers will look for non-financial ways to add value for their top talent; while other employers, thinking short-term, will look at the salaries they are paying this talent and choose to keep only the lowest-paid employees. In some cases, these mistakes will prove fatal, for without effective human capital to make the products or serve the customers, these organizations will not be able to stay in business.
3. Fear and Apprehension Reduce Productivity. As we have written about some months ago, there is a significant percentage of employees who are worried about the future. Unless addressed, this fear will reduce productivity and employee morale. Wise employers will show their appreciation for their workers and reignite passion and excitement with activities and contests that challenge employees to achieve high performance levels.
4. Increasing Insurance Costs Motivate Employers to Invest More in Wellness. As we previously forecast, in an effort to reduce costs, more large employers will turn to programs that reward employees for healthy behaviors (e.g., stopping smoking and reducing weight) and penalize those who continue to engage in unhealthy ones. More behaviors will join the list, including incentivizing regular exercise and making workers pay for eating fast food.
5. Retention in the Face of Increasing Anxiety. As in any economic slowdown, employee turnover will slow down. With anxiety building, more employees will be doing what we call "corporate cocooning", staying in the warmth and security of their corporate cocoons. When employment markets increase choices again, we will see more attrition, especially from the ranks of long-term employees. Wise employers will conduct "stay interviews" and provide re-orientation to their seasoned employees.
6. More Attention to Succession Planning and Management. Around the globe, we are seeing a growing attention to succession planning and management. (Joyce [Gioia-Herman] will speak on this important topic in March at the HRD Congress in Malaysia.) The problem is that most succession planning fails to recognize the critical importance of succession preparation. Whether companies are right sizing, expanding, or just in a "holding pattern", succession management will be critical to long-term success.
7. Wise Companies will use this Time Well to Build Bench Strength. Enlightened organizations will understand the training opportunity presented by this business slowdown and send their people for more training this year. When companies skip the leadership training and engage in "appointment by anointment", their supervisors, managers, and executives are simply not ready to move into the positions. Leaders' lack of competence will be seen in increased employee turnover.
8. More "Home Sourcing to Maintain Control and Reduce Expenses. Some companies have already begun to bring certain functions back into the organization. We call that trend "Home Sourcing". Excluding payroll and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), every outsourced function is considered fair game.
9. Employers will Find Low-Cost Ways to Add Value. In an effort to keep their workers engaged and happy, wise employers will look for ways to add value without costing a lot. They will embrace ideas like collecting used DVDs and videos for a lending library and scheduling Lunch 'n Learns with free speakers.
10. Older Workers will be Particularly Valued this Year. To get the work done without resorting to hiring expensive contract help, some employers will begin mining the rolls of their retired workers and hiring them back on a part time basis. These seasoned professionals have a lot to offer their former employers. The companies will probably need to conduct less training and most certainly will have a more reliable workforce than recruiting Millennials.
Source: The Herman Group Alert newsletter, December 17, 2008; Also: 
Joellyn Recommends: INC 5000: The Fastest-Growing Companies in America 
Inc 5000 Logo Here is a comprehensive listing of the fastest growing companies in America. The economy has not slowed the growth of these 5000 companies that range across industries from construction and manufacturing to IT services and business services, for a combined revenue of $185.4 billion and 334%  growth. The Inc. 5000 is an expansion of the Inc. 500, which Inc. introduced in 1982. The Inc. 5000 includes the Inc. 500 but digs deeper to offer the most comprehensive look at the entrepreneurial engine driving the U.S. economy. Read more about the 5000 fastest growing companies in America, how they were chosen - and what makes them work: 
CAPSessionCareer Action Planning Breakthrough Session

New Question MarkAre you stuck, stalled or confused in your career? 

Do you believe you are worth more but are unsure to how about how to regain your value in today's economy? 

Take a step forward and schedule your Career Action Planning Breakthrough Session today! 

In this interactive session, I'll review your situation in detail, figure out what you've been doing to change it, and tell you: 
(1) What's working: job search strategies you've implemented and/or career decisions you've made which appear to be on the right track;
(2) What needs attention:
job search or career mistakes you've been making, which have caused you to be stuck, stalled or confused;
(3) Next steps:
Initial action plan steps to help you get unstuck and moving toward your ideal career position. 
To get started, complete the form on my website so I can learn more about your  situation. 
I look forward to connecting with you soon!  
Quote of the Month: on "Success"
New Q
 "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."
-- Henry David Thoreau
I really appreciate having you as a subscriber and I hope the content in this newsletter will help you be successful in your career. 
See you in February! 


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