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Fr*ee Webinar: Introduction to ResumeSpider
Post-Interview Strategies: The Ball's In Your Court!
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Quote of the Month: On "Luck"

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Many thanks to those of you who participated in last month's Career E-News Survey.  I've taken your suggestions seriously and have made some changes to this publication, based on this feedback. In this issue and from this point forward, the content will include: "Thanks For Your Referrals"; "News From The Office" (when I have news to tell; this month, the Webinar replaces this column); an article written by me (or a guest author), my monthly tool or book recommendation; and the "Quote of the Month." If you'd still like to take this survey, feel fr*ee to do so before midnight on Friday May 30.     
There's still time to register for the ResumeSpider Webinar scheduled for next Wednesday, May 21, from  8-9 p.m. Eastern. Scroll down for details! 
How many job interviews have you had where you were left in limbo about whether or not you got the job? My brand-new article: "Post-Interview Strategies - The Ball's In Your Court" offers some solid guidelines for taking back control, following up in a professional manner, and learning when to let go and move to more productive opportunities.   
Salary negotiation time can be tricky, especially when you want to be earning top dollar for your efforts, without leaving money on the table. offers a tool where you can get a real-time baseline of what might earn for your position, based on location,  education, skills and experience. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you'll be in a better position to negotiate upward when the interviewer or hiring manager quotes a salary range for your position.   

The sunny days of summer are coming - why spend them feeling unhappy about your career?  


Schedule your Career Action Planning (CAP) Session ASAP!  It's a highly-structured, interactive session, where we will get to the root of  your career problem and come up with a workable plan to solve it. Others have - why not you?       

Here's to your Career Success!
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question mark jpegThanks for Your Referrals!

Many thanks to those who have referred  family, friends, colleagues and acquaintences to me, including:

  • Steven Duberchin
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Fr*ee Webinar:  Introduction to ResumeSpider: The Career Network That Gets You Noticed:
Wed, May 21, 8-9 p.m. (EST)
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Would you like to shorten the time you are spending in your job search?  Are you currently employed -but want to network confidentially and discretely  for other opportunities? Are you frustrated with limited or no feedback about the status of your resume or application?  Are you open to avoiding job boards (which frequently send you non-legitimate opportunities) and would rather network directly with hiring managers instead? 


If you said "Yes" to any of the above, 

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will distribute your resume to a targeted group of companies through a proven online career networking tool, designed to: 

·         Target your search based on your distinct job function, specific industry preferences and exact geographic locations.

·         Contact hiring managers directly and privately through a real-time messaging system.        

·         Manage your online resume response network to:  1) See who has looked at your resume and when they saw it; 2) Arrange your own interviews by contacting the hiring managers yourself; 3) Get "real time" resume tracking and guaranteed response through an interactive dashboard.          

·         Discover career hidden opportunities through a private network of recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers.


When you register for this fr*ee webinar, you'll receive a confirmation email; then, you'll be automatically redirected to the ResumeSpider site, so you can familiarize yourself with this tool ahead of time. Register here:

(Feel fr*ee to foward this information to anyone you know who may be interested.)
We look forward to "seeing" you there!    

Red TelephonePost-Interview Strategies: The Ball's In Your Court!  


by Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin

Job interviews can be exhaustive and time-consuming experiences. Researching the company ahead of time and answering all the tough questions the day of the interview is challenging enough. However, waiting to know whether or not you got the job can be sheer agony! The solution: have a strategy in place so you can follow-up in a professional manner and stay in control.


1) Be sure the ball's in your court so you'll have the next move, instead of being in limbo about the hiring decision. Make it a goal to leave the interview with permission to follow-up. At the end of your meeting, ask the interviewer(s) when you can expect to hear an answer. Scenario 1: If the interview responds with:  "We'll call you to let you know our answer,"  you can counter with: "You'll call me? When can I expect your call? Next Monday? That's great! So, if I don't hear back by Monday, would it be okay if I check back with you on Tuesday?"  Scenario 2:  If they say: "Don't call us - we'll call you, you can simply ask: "Is it over?" (and they confirm you're still a candidate), continue with "So, if I don't from you by next Monday, would it be okay if I check back with you on Tuesday?"   

2) Within 24 hours of the interview, send a thank you letter to each person you spoke with, whether you met on the phone or in-person. You can email these letters; although sending hard copies will create a more lasting impressing with the interviewer. Why? The interviewers are probably deluged with so many emails, that a hard copy letter will be a welcome surprise! Your letter should communicate three things: a) express appreciation for the interviewer's time; b) reiterate your interest in the position; c) recap highlights of the interview and restate your qualifications for the position.

3) Handling a "thanks but no thanks" rejection letter.  Despite your disappointment at not being selected, use this as a chance to show your professionalism. Contact the interviewer, thank him/her for their time and wish them the best with their new hire. Ask them to keep you in mind if another position becomes available which would match your skill set.  For additional strategies, read this article: "Rejected by your dream company? Here's how to follow-up to win an offer"

4) Still no answer? Follow up once more, then let go and move on.  If you've followed the advice in #1 and #2 and you still haven't heard back, follow up one more time -- then let go and move on. Your voicemail or email message might sound like this:  "Hello / Dear (name of hiring manager): I've followed up with you (on the day agreed upon) haven't heard from you. I'm assuming your hiring process may be taking longer than anticipated, which is totally understandable. However, please understand that I am continuing my search and may not be available in the future. So, I would appreciate it if you could please let me know where I stand by (date determined by you), so we can both move forward. Thank you again for your time and consideration up to this point." Doing so will accomplish the following: 1) allows you to feel more in control and appear less needy; 2) puts the hiring manager on notice that you won't wait around forever - so if they want  to hire you, they'd better act quickly; 3) allows you to put mental closure on the situation, so you won't waste any more energy on it; 4) clears your mental clutter to allow other opportunities to come your way - nature abhors a vacuum!


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Quote of the Month: On "Luck"
New Q
 "I don't believe in luck. We make our own good fortune."
-- Dr. Joyce Brothers
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