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Thanks For Your Referrals!
2008 Workforce / Workplace Forecast (The Herman Group)
New Year, New You: 6 Tips For Dressing Up Your Resume
Joellyn Recommends: Manta - A Company Research Resource
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Greetings!                           Joellyn in Black Suit 
Happy New Year!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! My husband and I spent the holidays in Chicago with our family, and we were busy-busy-busy from the time we landed until we arrived safely back in Worcester. Luckily, we escaped inclement weather that would affect flying or leave us stuck in airports.

As we ring in the New Year, The Herman Group (Strategic Futurists) provides us with their Workforce/Workplace Forecast for 2008. What they predict is eye-opening, in areas of staffing, recruitment, workplace efficiency, retention, leadership, succession-planning, accommodation of older workers, and links between economic & workforce development.    


This is also a great time to revamp your resume, to open doors for new career opportunities. To ensure that this will happen, your resume must contain content that intrigues hiring managers and gives them a sense of "who you are" and how you can add to their bottom line.The article: "New Year-New You: 6 Tips for Dressing Up Your Resume" provides some excellent approaches and ideas to help your resume stand above the competition.


It's always a prudent strategy to research companies you're interested in working for, as well as before an interview. However, doing so can sometimes be challenging and costly, to find the exact information you're seeking. So, look to Manta where you can find most of the information you're looking for for fr*ee. If you want detailed reports, they are available on a pay-as-you-go instead of having being locked into expensive subscription rates.

If you are stuck, stalled or confused with your career or job search, start out the New Year  with a Career Action Plan (CAP) Session to help move your career forward in 2008!   

Here's to your Career Success! 
:-) Joellyn
Thanks For Your Referrals!
Many thanks to those who have referred family, friends, colleagues and acquaintences to me, including: 
  • Aaron Wittenstein
  • Gail Wittenstein 


  • The Herman Group's 2008
    Workplace / Workplace Forecast   
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    Each year at this time, The Herman Group issues its annual forecast. Typically, we have offered an abbreviated version to conform to our one-page per Herman Trend Alert format. This year, once more, we offer you  our full forecast for the coming year:


    1. Recruitment in a Tightening Labor Market. Even the coming economic slowdown will not completely stop the creation of jobs. Moreover, stimulated by job creation and the fact that  skilled workers in many occupations are in short supply, time-to-fill openings will also continue to increase as will the costs.


    2. More Employers Turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). In an effort to reduce costs, more large employers will turn to  companies like The Right Thing, Inc. and others will step in to provide a wide variety of recruitment services on an outsourced or insourced basis, including providing customized services for clients, based on specific needs.


    3. Retention in the Face of Increasing Choices for Employees. Recent studies reflect that employee turnover is accelerating. With  increasing choices we will see more attrition, especially from the ranks  of long-term employees. Wise employers will conduct "stay interviews" and provide re-orientation to their seasoned employees. More employers  will begin to be aware of the value of contingent employees and address the issues of retaining them.


    4. More Employers will focus on Metrics. Following the lead of large employers, more medium-size employers will embrace technology to manage the employee life-cycle and operate more  efficiently. This increased efficiency will drive more profit to the  bottom line.


    5. Leadership Deficit Becomes More Apparent. As companies experience the re-careering of Baby Boomer executives, they will become more aware of the lack of qualified supervisors and  managers to move up into higher positions. The organizations' previous lack of training for would-be leaders is to blame.


    6. Lack of Succession Preparation. Organizations will become more acutely aware of their lack of  succession preparation. hey have simply not invested in leadership training so  that their supervisors, managers, and executives are not ready to move into the positions.


    7. More Employers Accommodate Older Workers to Maintain Intellectual  Capital. The drive to retain older workers will cause companies to work harder to accommodate the wants and needs of older workers. AARP will support  employers' drives to hold onto these valuable employees. More employers  will embrace flexibility in all aspects of work to adapt to the wants and needs of their retirement-age associates.


    8. More Awareness of the Link between Economic and Workforce  Development. Workforce development issues move to top-of-mind for communities, as they become more aware of the workforce imperative---that business and  industry will only locate where there are the skilled workers to fill  their open positions. This awareness will lead organizations to focus more on middle- and high-school students to begin to expose them early to the careers available in their communities.


    Herman Trend Alerts are written by Joyce Gioia-Herman, a strategic  business futurist, Certified Management Consultant, author, and   professional speaker.


    Archived editions are posted at  

    question mark jpegNew Year, New You: 6 Tips For Dressing Up Your Resume  
    As the calendar year turns to a new page, many Americans are considering turning over a new leaf when it comes to their careers.
    The exodus of professionals in search of new employers has already begun, with three out of four job searching actively or passively, according to a U.S. Job Recovery and Retention study released by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Wall Street Journal's

    Those in search mode will need an impressive resume to pry open the doors to their dream job. Here are some tips to make that happen.

    1. Decide How You Want To Be Perceived: This is your opportunity to write your future story. Uncover and communicate your unique brand. A personal brand is a unique promise of value that differentiates you from the hordes of other candidates with similar credentials and experience. Your brand will help focus your search in terms of the type of position and industry you are targeting. It should be tied to your professional purpose-the reason you work (beyond simply making a paycheck).

    2. Think Green: Every employer has the all-important question: "Why hire you?" To answer that in your resume, drive home your value and ability to contribute to the profit picture of the company. Emphasize numbers-driven accomplishments! There are three accomplishment areas that easily translate to employer profit: increasing sales, saving money and solving problems (which typically points back to saving money or increasing sales).

    3. Stop Thinking of Your Resume as a Biography and Start Thinking of It as a Marketing Document: Employers aren't interested in your first job as a paper deliverer or baby sitter or fast-food cashier. Every entry on your resume should be filtered for relevancy and the value you can contribute to the organization.

    4. Stop Depending on Your Resume as the Silver Bullet: Far too many job seekers think their resume is the reason they're not moving ahead in their career. In some cases, that is true. But more often than not, job seekers make the mistake of substituting a killer resume for networking and face-to-face interactions with hiring managers and key decision makers. You should spend ten times as much time on networking as you do on applying to online job postings.

    5. Use the Right Keywords: Pare down job descriptions and pack them with essential keywords. Sources that can be helpful in finding material for your job description and keywords include online postings, company job descriptions, search, Occupational Outlook Handbook, and resume books that have samples of resumes for your industry.

    6. Venture Out into the World of Web-Based Career Marketing Documents: Yes, a paper resume will be nice to have at an interview, but employers today want you to either apply online with a digital resume or email an attachment. Beyond that, consider creating a portfolio resume or a blog as a way to communicate your experience and value to employers.

    Take advantage of the new year to create a new you. Dust off your career dreams and dress up your resume!

    © Career Coach Academy 2008. Reprinted with permission. 

    MantaJoellyn Recommends: 

    Manta - A Company Research Resource


    Have you ever searched for a company and just couldn't find the information you needed? I mean good information that's needed to add a little background information regarding a large corporation, such as company revenues, approximate number of employees, etc., but you aren't sure of the answers? Try Manta, a great resource to gather all this information and much more. 

    The site provides an entire company profile, including overview, executive reviews, articles about the company that are making news, press releases, financials, and market and industry news. Just about all of this information is free, but if you need additional, detailed reports, such as financials, you can purchase these through publishers listed within the site on a pay-as-you-go basis. The site can be searched by company name, business category, industry, and by state. (Source: CDI CareerBytes, 1/09/08)
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