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Thanks For Your Referrals!
Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations (EDGE) Report from CareerBuilder and Robert Half International
Holiday Job Hunting: Ho-Ho-Ho or No-No-No?
Set SMART Career Goals for 2008
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Because of the busy holiday season, I've sent this issue earlier than usual and the content is scaled down a bit; so you can do a quick read-through and get back to gift-shopping and party preparations. 
Every year, Robert Half international and CareerBuilder conduct a workplace survey - aka the EDGE Report (via Harris Interactive), from the perspective of both the employer and employee. I've provided a summary of the 2007 statistics, along with the link to the entire report which you can download.   
There are many benefits to continuing your job search during the holidays. However, if you choose to take a break at this time, this is perfectly okay.  Veteran career columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy, provides the pros and cons of each in her article: "Holiday Job Hunting: Ho-Ho-Ho or No-No-No?"
Do you struggle to keep your career-related New Years resolutions? It could be that your goals lack the clarity to be attainable. If you tweak your goals according to the guidelines in my article: "Set SMART Career Goals for 2008" you'll position yourself for success.  

If you are stuck, stalled or confused with your career or job search, give yourself the gift of a Career Action Plan (CAP) Session to help  move your career forward in 2008! 

I wish you and your family a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  
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:-) Joellyn
Thanks For Your Referrals!
Many thanks to those who have referred family, friends, colleagues and acquaintences to me, including: 
  • Janet Klinger 
  • Nancy Lipinski 


  • CareerBuilder Logo2007 Employment Dynamics and Growth  Expectations (EDGE) Report 

    According to the 2007 EDGE Report from Robert Half International and


    ·         58% of employees are willing to ask for more money when negotiating a new compensation package -- double the percentage from 2006.

    ·         43% of employers said they are struggling to find candidates for professional and technical staff positions, an increase from 37%  in 2006.

    ·         17% percent reported difficulty filling director, manager, supervisor, and team leader positions, up from 15 percent the prior year. The survey results also show that these are the types of positions for which employers are most likely to increase compensation.

    ·         Nearly one-third of hiring mangers said their firms have instituted new policies and programs to increase staff retention rates in the last 12 months. Primary tactics include offering bonuses (23%), increasing pay (16%), improving the office environment (15%), and providing a more defined career path (10% ).


    (Source: Resume Writer's Digest November / December 2007.  This survey was conducted by Harris Interactive. Download the full report here..)

    Winter Holiday Scene 1Holiday Job Hunting: 
    Ho-Ho-Ho or No-No-No? 
    Whether or not you want to continue your search during the holidays is a matter of personal choice. While you might make some excellent progress during this season, you may want to just time-out and recharge before gearing back up in January 2008.  Read the this article by Joyce Lain Kennedy from the Telegram & Gazette..

    Set SMART Career Goals for 2008  

    By Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin

    As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to dust offReach for the Stars your New Years resolutions and set career goals for 2008. 

    However, despite your best  intentions, you are likely to abandon your goals less than a month into the new year. Why?  Because your goals might be too general, overwhelmingly large or too vague to achieve. The solution?  Use the "SMART Goal" formula: Specific - Measurable - Action-Oriented -  Realistic - Time-Bound. 
    Here's an explanation of each element:   
    Specific: A goal should be as specific as possible, stated clearly in 1-2 sentences. "To find a position where I can earn more money " is vague. "To find a position where I can double my income over 3 years" is more specific.

    Measurable:  A goal is measurable if there is a specific outcome to be attained. The more quantified a goal is, the greater the likelihood is that the goal is measurable. Compare these two statements:  "I want to earn more money" (non-measurable); "I want to earn 35% more in gross income." (measurable).

    Action-Oriented: A goal must be action-oriented to be achieved; in other words, you must do something to make it happen. Nothing will happen if you wait for the ideal employment situation to fall into your lap. You need to "shake the trees" and engage in multiple activities, such as tapping into your network or researching Internet and library databases to find companies where you might like to work.   

    Realistic: While it is wonderful to dream big, setting the bar too high can be frustrating. So, when you implement an element of realism into your goal, it will be more achievable for you. Say you set a goal in January 2008 of finding a position that pays $125,00 by March 2008. This may be unrealistic under the prevailing rule that you should expect to search at least one month for every $10,000 in annual income that you want to earn. So, you might want to adjust this goal of achieving it by January 2009 instead of March 2008, even though you may reach it ahead of schedule.

    Time-Bound: When you set a date and timeframe to reach your goals, the greater the likelihood that you will achieve them. Using the example above, your goal can be worded like this: "To be in a/an [insert your industry] position  where I am earning $125,000 by January 2009." Of course, this is a large goal and you will need to break it down into sub-goals and benchmarks, to track your progress and maintain motivation.   


    So, if you revisit your goals and rewrite them using the SMART formula principles, I can guarantee that you'll position yourself for greater success in 2008 and the years to come.

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     "Life has no limitations, except the ones you make."  - Les Brown 
     I appreciate having you as a subscriber and I hope the content in this newsletter will help you be successful in your career. Once again have a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! 


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