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APRIL 2012
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WOW!  Spring came early this year. Many of us became anxious when March brought record breaking temperatures.  We were ready to start our sprinkler systems and fertilize our lawns.  As we soon found out, with temperatures returning to below freezing, in fact it was too early! However, now that April is here, it is time to prepare our lawns, landscapes, sprinkler systems and mowing equipment for the season ahead.

REMINDER - If you haven't signed and returned your 2012 SERVICE RENEWAL, please send it back as soon as possible to avoid scheduling delays.  Call us if you need a copy. 

Fertilize your lawn and apply preventative crabgrass controls now through mid to end of May.  This first treatment of the season will prevent crabgrass and some weeds, as well as give your lawn the balanced feeding it needs.  Now, however, is NOT the time to aerate, de-thatch, disturb the soil, or over fertilize.  By doing so, you will promote shallow roots, and will be guaranteed crabgrass and weed problems later in the season. A light raking and a balanced fertilizer with crabgrass preventative is all your lawn needs. If you don't have the time and want to take advantage of one of our lawn fertilizer programs that offers balanced fertilizer, crabgrass, weed, insect and grub control, call us today for a free lawn evaluation and estimate.    


Fall is the ideal time to seed your lawn.  However, if seeding is necessary, you will have to be patient and know that the weeds and crabgrass will emerge, but can be controlled later.  One of our lawn experts can give the best advice, whether to seed now or wait until early September.  If you do seed, do not apply crabgrass or weed controls to the new seeding, and keep seed bed constantly moist.  We have written watering instructions available.  Also, be sure you do not pull or dig up the weeds. You will only cause divots in the lawn/soil.

Prune dead or broken branches off shrubs and trees. Flush cut ornamental grasses and perennials if it wasn't done last fall.  Our custom SHRUB AND TREE CARE PROGRAM will prevent insect and disease damage to your shrubs and ornamental trees. In addition, fall deep root feeding will also provide them with a balanced fertilizer to keep them healthy. Now is a great time to install shrubs and trees, refresh your mulch, or change to a decorative stone. Perhaps you have been thinking of designing a whole new landscape to enjoy for years to come. 
Prevent weeds in your shrub/flower beds by applying a preventative control. There are products available for these areas. Be sure to read all label directions, and do not use in vegetable gardens unless label approves of such use.  We are here to help with any of these improvements or controls.


Now is the time to get your sprinkler system tuned up and ready for the season.  Our "SPRING START UP" SERVICE is a cost effective way to inspect your entire system. This services includes: checking and adjusting sprinkler heads, pipes, valves, backflow device, electrical connections, rain sensor and controller.  This will assure efficient use of water, and reliable performance of your system when you need it!


Tired of looking at that old cracked and dirty concrete, or rotted, leaning retaining wall? We can change that with a decorative brick overlay or replacement.  We can provide a whole new look to your hardscape with brick paving stones, that have all the durability of concrete without ever cracking. Our suppliers offer a "lifetime" guarantee on their products. We offer custom design of outdoor living spaces including grill centers, fire pits and more!  Visit our outdoor display, located at SANTO DESPIRT GRANITE AND MARBLE, 2 S BRIDGE ST, AGAWAM (at the Route 5 and 57 rotary), or call for more information.


Is your lawn mower in working order? Be sure to change the oil; sharpen the blade(s); grease wheels and fittings; replace fuel if it wasn't stabilized properly last fall.  When the grass is ready for mowing, your mower will be ready too!  Spring mowing height should be 2 1/2" - 3".  Don't want to mow yourself?  We can help with our professional mowing service!



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