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The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation inspires community pride by collecting, preserving, communicating, and celebrating the history of Sugar Land, Texas.

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Bill Benson, Executive Director of Sugar Land Heritage Foundation greets new Archivist, Chris Bohannan




Chris was born and raised in Garland, Texas, and is the youngest of six children.  He developed a love for history at an early age and became an avid reader of past cultures and peoples.  Encouraged by his mother (who holds several degrees in literature) he was exposed to many of the classics at an early age including Plato, Shakespeare and Hemingway.  This experience instilled in him a lifelong love for history and he chose to study this topic in college.


Chris received his BA in Anthropology from Southwest Texas State University and his Minor was Geography.  He attended Florida State University and studied Conservation of Museum Artifacts, Archival Research.  Chris received his MA in History/Public History from the University of West Florida.

Chris enjoys working within a museum environment because it blends his love of history and allows him to share his interest with others.  "Museums can be a wonderful way to present history in a fun and educational way so that both young and old can enjoy the learning experience. I am so very happy to be working here and I am looking forward to the days ahead."


Some of his work experiences include: Administrative Assistant at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. He maintained accurate daily accounts, education/programs development and volunteer management to name a few of his duties. He was also Museum Associate at the French Legation Museum where he was involved in artifact and archival management, fund raising, special event experience, program development and project management.


We are delighted to have Chris Bohannan working with the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation. Please give him a good old Sugar Land welcome when you  meet him.






 Heritage Hike Saturday, August 11, 2012  



 Lonnie Green Park which is on the Heritage Hike route.


On Saturday August 11, 2012, join the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation on their monthly Heritage Hike. Presented each second Saturday of the month, the Heritage Hikes will wind through a beautiful, historic neighborhood, led by trained tour guides who will share stories about the people and families that shaped Sugar Land's history.


Walking tours last approximately one and one half hours and start  from 198 Kempner Street, (next to the historic Char House at the Imperial Redevelopment site near Highway 90, between Highway 6 and Brooks Street). The cost to go on a Heritage Hike is free for children under 12, $5 for children and teens, and $10 for adults. Proceeds benefit the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Sugar Land's history. In case it rains, the hike will be the following Saturday, August 18th.   






Volunteers are needed to work with Bill Benson, the Executive Director of the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation, in the Museum on Saturdays from 9:00 - 1:00. 


You will greet guests, ask them to sign the register and help them learn more about Sugar Land.  You can work a two hour shift (9:00 - 11 or 11:00 - 1:00) or you can work the full four hours. 


You will meet many interesting people who want to learn more about the history of Sugar Land.   This will be a fun experience for you as museum guests ask questions and others share their knowledge of growing up in the historic company town of Sugar Land, Texas.


If you are  interested in volunteering, please contact Marsha Smith,Volunteer Coordinator, at






Farmers Market at Imperial -- Saturdays 

 9:00 - 1:00



For more information on the Farmers Market, visit