Do you know who Brooks Street is named after?

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Volunteer Opportunities 

SLHF is looking for volunteers to serve as docents for our upcoming walking tours and special events this fall.  An orientation and training session will be held this summer.  If you're looking for a fun way to become involved with Sugar Land history, this is the job for you!  (Weekend availability required)


Please contact Eleanor Barton at ebarton@slheritage.org or call

281-494-0261 to sign up.


SLHF Needs Your Help!

SLHF needs a refrigerator and a microwave for our break room.  Please let us know if you would like to donate either of these items.
We are always grateful for your monetary donations as well.  Currently, we are seeking funds for several special projects.  Contact us for more details.


To make a donation, please email Eleanor Barton, Executive Director, at ebarton@slheritage.org or call





We are excited to announce the publication of SLHF's very first
e-newsletter.  In it you will find photos, volunteer news, project updates, and--most importantly--interesting articles on the unique history of our city.
The Foundation was recently featured in Fort Bend Focus on Women magazine. Be sure to check out the Quick Links section for that and other interesting websites. If you have friends or family members who share your love for Sugar Land's history and would like to receive SLHF e-news, please let us know.

Thank you for supporting historic preservation in Sugar Land, Texas!  


Spring 2011 Volunteer
Work Days


SLHF Volunteers Enjoy a Rare Opportunity to View the City from the Roof Top of the 1925 Char House

The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation is grateful for our many wonderful volunteers. During our Spring 2011 Work Days, we managed to accomplish the following tasks:

  • The office, display and work spaces were cleaned
  • Maps and some other oversized materials were rearranged / moved to more appropriate places
  • Additional shelving was installed in storage areas
  • Signs, pictures, benches, other items were thoroughly cleaned
  • Numerous glass containers were cleaned and filled with char dust
  • Maps, drawings, and other fragile paper materials were placed in covered containers to better protect them
  • Historic bricks were collected and put on pallets
  • Work day events were photographed; great pictures were taken inside and on top of the Char House
  • A wonderful tour of the Char House was given from the rooftop down
  • New friendships were made; old friendships were renewed; team work abounded!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for donating their time and talents!


Curator's Corner:
Vintage Advertisement for Venetian Estates / Brookside  


This 1950s brochure was used to promote two of Sugar Land's earliest residential developments--Venetian Estates and Brookside.
Inside the brochure is a map of these areas along with attractive photographs of local churches, businesses, and residences.  Sugar Land is described as a "refreshing, well-kept, and neighborly city of family homes" whose residents are "friendly, progressive, and energetic." 
Despite a huge boom in population, some things haven't changed much in Sugar Land!
(Gift of the Rozelle Family) 
Who's Who in History...
Carrin Foreman
Carrin Foreman (Mauritz) was a long-time educator and beloved member of the community in Sugar Land.  She came to Sugar Land as an English teacher in 1921.  In 1924, Ms. Foreman was elected as superintendent of Sugar Land Independent School District.  She served as superintendent until 1930, after which time she got married.  Sadly, Ms. Foreman died while giving birth to her daughter in 1933.
Ms. Foreman was the sister of famed Houston attorney Percy Foreman.  Mr. Foreman gave the commencement address at two Sugar Land High School graduation ceremonies in the 1920s.
(Original photo gift of Betty Lubojasky)


Trivia Answer:

Capt. William McCann Brooks came to Sugar Land in 1914 from Brazoria County to manage the farms, tenants, cattle, and crops of potatoes, corn, and cotton for the Sugarland Industries. He had worked for the Clemens State Prison Farm in Brazoria. He and Eldridge had the first automobiles in Sugar Land. He died in 1932.