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Community Outreach Update 

December 2011

Message from the CEO


As the first snows have arrived, indicating a change of season, November also brought changes to EAGLE-Net Alliance.  Our commitment to delivering a network across Colorado is being put into action, as our staff focuses on building the statewide high-speed broadband network that will connect more than 234 community anchor institutions in 177 communities throughout Colorado by August 31, 2013.

We are aligning our team resources for the best health of the project and success of the organization. An agile workforce that fits into the design build process is a key component to our success.  Our operations staff is an experienced team that is busy putting the pieces of the puzzle together to determine network routes and connections and develop construction schedules.  Our communications and business development teams are responding quickly and openly to daily requests for information from community anchor institutions, government officials, media and interested citizens.  We will continue to expand the information available on our website for greater transparency. We are also committed to being good stewards of the BTOP grant funds, and rely heavily on our financial and compliance teams to see this through.

With less than 21 months to complete the EAGLE-Net network, we have outlined three goals for our immediate success:

1. Keep the EAGLE-Net project on schedule to meet all milestones. 
2. Stay within budget and ensure compliance and grant guidelines are met.
3. Ensure EAGLE-Net is a sustainable entity by the completion of the grant period in August 2013.


Yes, these goals are challenging in light of the time we have to complete them.  Our dedicated and hard-working staff and partners like IBM, G4S and Cisco will help us achieve them.  With our team of experienced professionals, we have every confidence this monumental project will be completed on time - connecting communities, people and opportunities across our state.  


I thank all the members of our team for bringing their passion of making this project a success to work each and every day.  There's a contagious buzz in the hallways that is felt and seen by all.  We welcome all of you to experience it through our continued communications and community meetings.  Please read on to learn more.


Dr. Randy Zila


Progress Report
EAGLE-Net is continuing to make strides in the design build process of building a network that will connect community anchor institutions across Colorado.  EAGLE-Net Alliance 3rd Quarter Performance Progress Report was submitted to and has been accepted by the NTIA.  This most current report and previous quarter reports are available on the BTOP Web site.  
Now available! Board of Directors meeting schedules, agendas and minutes are now online.  They can be found on the Board of Directors page located on the "About Us" tab, along with a listing of Board members and headline news.   


Open Requests for Proposals
EAGLE-Net continues to work with partners and vendors to complete the BTOP grant project.  RFI/RFP requests that were open in November included:


Stories from the Road
The staff at EAGLE-Net has been busy taking their outreach activities across Colorado.  In November, they traveled over 950 miles to locations including La Veta, Alamosa, Monte Vista, Steamboat Springs, Telluride and Del Norte.  The visits have been a great opportunity to educate residents about the EAGLE-Net network and services that will be coming in the next 21 months.  Those in attendance appreciated the focus EAGLE-Net has on bringing high-speed broadband to communities that have been underserved or hard to reach, and enriching the educational opportunities of the students in those areas. 
La Veta Deer
In the first couple of days of November, Dr. Neil Schaal and Doug Kissler traveled to Monte Vista where they were caught in a two hour blizzard. They waited out the storm by working in a local coffee and donut shop which had the best donuts!  Once the storm was over, Neil and Doug traveled to Steamboat Springs where they met with technology-focused members of the Northwest Colorado BOCES.
Doug and Neil also were given a warm community welcome as they entered La Veta.  They were greeted by about 15 deer who were scattered throughout the town. 

On Tuesday, November 29th, EAGLE-Net staff made a community outreach presentation about the BTOP grant and the EAGLE-Net project at the Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) annual meeting in Colorado Springs.  Commissioners and staff from the 10 Eastern Counties District were in attendance to learn more about the project and participate in a Q&A. 


To speak with an EAGLE-Net representative directly or schedule a presentation, please contact one of the following staff members:


Chip White, Executive V.P. of Business Development
Doug Kissler, Director of Customer Relations
Dr. Neil Schaal, Director of Grants Managment 
Andrew Wright, Director of Infrastucture Implementation
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