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Community Outreach Update 

November 2011

Message from the CEO


In its quest to provide high-speed broadband/Internet access, EAGLE-Net Alliance understands that students in the 21st century live in a technology and media-intense environment.  Various characteristics are representative of this culture including 1) access to an abundance of information, 2) rapid changes in technology and tools, and 3) the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale. Not all parts of Colorado have access to high-speed broadband which makes it difficult for all students to participate in the fast and ever changing technology environment.  As we carry out the EAGLE-Net vision, we are giving K-12 students across our state the opportunity to live and work in a technology rich environment.

We know that having the access to enriched technology will inspire students to exhibit a range of functional and critical thinking skills related to how to create and use information, media and technology.  Students from all parts of Colorado, rural areas to the metropolitan neighborhoods, are engaged in technology and seeking ways to utilize it for academic and career growth.  Some of the skills that students will need to know in order to learn and succeed are:
  1. How to use technology as a tool to research, organize, create, evaluate and communicate information
  2. How to use technology tools (computers, media players, smart boards, GPS, etc.) to successfully engage with other students and teachers, and     
  3. How to apply a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information technology systems

EAGLE-Net plans on being a vital piece of that enriched technology for our children and the future of our state.  


Please follow us online at www.co-eaglenet.net for more information. 


Dr. Randy Zila

CEO, EAGLE-Net Allliance

Open Requests for Proposals
EAGLE-Net continues to work with partners and vendors to complete the BTOP grant project.  As this project continues to progress under the design build process more requests will become available.  Please check the EAGLE-Net homepage often for the latest announcements.  There are currently open requests for the following:
Progress Report
EAGLE-Net is making continued progress on building a statewide network to connect community anchor institutions including school districts, libraries, higher education institutions and BOCES.  To stay apprised of the latest developments, here are a few links to follow:


On the Road Again
The EAGLE-Net staff has traveled over 3,000 miles and met with more than 300 citizens in the months of September and October.  Staff visited community anchor institutions throughout the state and met with community leaders from the city, county and school districts sectors. Much progress has been made in educating Colorado citizens about the project and the opportunities it will offer to students and citizens statewide.  They will continue to criss cross the state throughout the next 22 months of the grant.  


Should you like to speak with a staff member personally or schedule an appointment to meet in your community to discuss viable options, please contact one of the following:


Doug Kissler, Director of Customer Relations
Dr. Neil Schaal, Director of Grants Managment 
Andrew Wright, Director of Infrastucture Implementation
Denver Rotary Logo
Colorado Rotary Supports EAGLE-Net
EAGLE-Net continues to partner with Rotary International District 5450 and the Rotary Club of Denver to educate Colorado communities about the EAGLE-Net grant project.  Local Rotary clubs will be working with local K-12 school districts to assess their needs and find ways to bring broadband activities to life in those schools.   For more information of how to get involved with your local Rotary club's high-speed Internet efforts, please contact Harriet Downer, District 5450 Connecting Colorado Schools Committee and Chair, Denver Rotary Club's Colorado High Speed Internet Project Committee.  Rotary Districts 5440 and 5470 are also developing their own activities to support this challenging project.  


The Views Office Bldg
EAGLE-Net Offices Have Moved

The EAGLE-Net staff moved into their permanent office space at The Views office park in Broomfield, CO, on October 24, 2011.  The location is in the Interlocken technology corridor that is accessible via Hwy 36 just east of Boulder.  This location provides adequate space for full-time employees, contractors and all personnel needed to complete the grant project.  


11800 Ridge Parkway, Suite 450, Broomfield, CO 80021



News and Notices
The following news items and notices were posted by EAGLE-Net during the month of October.
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