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Hello Team Ilmor! 


It's almost the end of summer, but the action doesn't stop at Ilmor!  September is already proving to be an exciting month - we are in the middle of an incredible IndyCar race season, we proudly revealed the new MV8 7.4L marine engine, we rolled out our official Sales and Service Network for our High-Performance products, and we launched our official online Ilmor Gear Store.


Be sure to read below to learn more, plus details on new services and product offers available from Ilmor.   


As always, we invite you to visit our website,, to learn more about Ilmor's history, technologies, services and product lines.  For additional Ilmor news, check out the "Community" page, updated with the latest events, "Team Ilmor" information and links to our active social networks.  


We look forward to seeing you at one of the many Ilmor events around the world.  Thank you again for your ongoing support of the Ilmor brand. 


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The Ilmor Team


The All-New Ilmor Marine MV8 7.4L

After successfully launching the Ilmor Marine MV8 engine line in 2010 we began to look ahead for the next exciting project.  Our team of engineers wanted to harness, calibrate and package more power and torque to create the largest wakes ever seen on a water sports boat.  We wanted the engine to produce High-Performance horsepower as well offering low emissions.  Most importantly, it had to be durable, reliable, and fuel efficient like the existing engine line.



Decades of successful automotive race engine development and production, as well as nearly ten years of High-Performance marine drivetrain design, made us uniquely suited to take on this challenge.  After months of design, development, and vigorous testing, we had the answer:  The 522 horsepower MV8 7.4L - the most powerful catalyzed production marine engine available today.  


74 crank assy

The MV8 7.4L is entirely unique to the water sports world.   Every component was manufactured using superior materials, like forged steel, for long-term durability.  During development, engines were rigorously durability tested both in boats by MasterCraft's professional athletes, and on dynamometers to ensure performance reliability. 


We also chose to apply variable valve timing, unusual in engines over 500hp, for overall enhanced performance, providing increased lower end torque and high RPM  horsepower. Additionally, the 87-octane compatible, naturally-aspirated engine architecture causes less wear-and-tear on internal engine parts in a fuel-efficient package.

Though not required for emissions compliance, we elected to deploy an exhaust system equipped with three-stage catalysts on the MV8 7.4L.  In fact, the engine produces nearly 70% lower Carbon Monoxide emissions than engines of comparable size and purpose, a major benefit to boarders and surfers behind the boat. 


Finally, we are all about the details.  The MV8 7.4L engine is hand-built in the same shop and to the same standards as the racecar engines which have won over 250 IndyCar races and 17 Indy 500s.  The result is a game-changing 7.4L engine that produces monster wakes and huge power in an incredibly reliable package.  


The 7.4L is available in limited MasterCraft models. For more information about the MV8 7.4L, including technicial specifications, click here.


News from the IndyCar TrackIzod IndyCar Logo

We are nearing the end of the 2011 IndyCar season, our last as supporting partner to Honda Performance Development. 


There are just three races left in the season:  Indy Japan 300 in Motegi on September 18, Kentucky Indy 300 in Sparta on October 2, and the IZOD IndyCar World Championships in Las Vegas on October 16.


For more information about the race teams and drivers, as well as event broadcasting information, please visit Additional event details are available on the IndyCar website or on Ilmor's event calendar.


Ilmor High-Performance Marine Sales and Service Center Network

Ilmor High Performance's top priority is providing excellent customer service to our boat manufacturing partners, dealerships and owners.  


In our efforts to improve our level of service around the world, Ilmor High Performance Marine has rolled out our official Sales and Service Center Certification program this summer.  


The Certification Program will recruit the best dealerships around the world to sell and care for Ilmor products and customers.  Each Sales and Service center will be fully authorized to carry our product lines, and perform service, maintenance and warranty work using Ilmor-trained and certified technicians.  


Since the program launched, we have had several top-notch dealers join the program in the USA and abroad, including Stewart Motorsports, Ocean Performance, Oregon Custom Marine, Express Engines, Wazzup Racing, Poker Run Boats and Fun Boats.  We look forward to welcoming all Sales and Service Centers that sign up for the program.   Be sure to ask your dealership if they are a Certified Ilmor Sales and Service Center! 


For more information, please contact Ilmor High Performance at 734-456-3600 or email   


About Ilmor

Ilmor Engineering was founded in 1984 when engineers Mario Illien (IL) and Paul Morgan (MOR) reached out to Roger Penske with a plan to build a better engine for the IndyCar racing series. Since then, legendary drivers like Andretti, Unser, and Castroneves have all driven cars powered by Ilmor engines.  Ilmor now has over 250 IndyCar race wins, 17 Indianapolis 500 victories, 44 Formula 1 wins, and two Formula 1 World Championships. Ilmor continues to design and manufacture engines for IndyCar, NASCAR, ARCA, USAC Midget, and Desert Truck.


In 2003, Ilmor applied its expertise to the marine industry, and created a completely unique engine for high performance powerboats based on the 8.3L Dodge Viper V-10. In 2007, Ilmor expanded its competitive tradition into powerboat racing, winning three consecutive World Championships in Powerboat P1 racing and capturing an APBA / SBI (USA) Championship in the P1 class with manufacturing partners Fountain Worldwide and Chaudron Powerboats.


The positive response to Ilmor's products and customer service has resulted in Ilmor becoming a major supplier of powerboat engines and drives to boat makers all over the world, paving the way for product expansion. In 2008, Ilmor began designing a series of inboard GM-based V-8 engines, each with unique Ilmor developed parts for durability, efficiency and performance. In 2010, Ilmor opened its state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot marine engine assembly and test facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, specifically committed to managing the long term growth of our marine products.


Ilmor still follows the same principles put in place by its founders: innovative solutions, precision engineering and manufacturing, high quality, reliable products, and unrivaled customer support.


To learn more about Ilmor, visit us at


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The All-New Ilmor Marine MV8 7.4L
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Ilmor's E-Store Now Open!
Ilmor's E-Store Now Open!

The Ilmor online store  is now officially open! Shop for engine parts, Kart mounts, or your favorite Ilmor gear and apparel.  Click here to order your gear or parts today!

Re-Energize your MV10 Power!

Time for a refresh?  Contact us today about our Re-Energize program from Ilmor High-Performance Marine for enhanced performance and life-extending maintenance.   

Even better news -
Ilmor now offers a Gen III Engine Upgrade service, where current MV10 625 owners can upgrade their engines to a MV7-10!   

For more information, contact us at 734-456-3600 or email
Get moving with Ilmor!  

Clearance Deal!  Brand new, custom painted, MV7-10 show engine on sale for $39,199.  

710 1

For Sale:  Ilmor-powered Donzi 38ZR

Powered by twin Ilmor High Performance MV10 725 engines and INDY stern drives, this stunning Donzi 38ZR easily tops 100+ mph.  It has been maintained in pristine condition by our factory and used in fresh water only.  The boat has a beautiful custom interior, including a carbon fiber dash with GARMIN GPS, Livorsi throttles and carbon fiber gauges, functional galley, and front and rear electric bolster seats with custom monogramming. Additional equipment includes CD player and sound system, UHF radio, and new Tiger intercom system with 5 headsets, and custom painted Myco trailer. 

The up-to-date Ilmor MV10 725 engines have fewer than 25 hours and are equipped with CMI polished stainless headers and exhausts. Additionally, a pair of new INDY drives were just fitted. Both engines and drives come with a 6 month Ilmor-factory warranty.  


Race to WIN with Ilmor power!

Become a part of race-winning history. Ilmor has opportunities for teams to lease or buy our successful, powerful and reliable Ilmor-developed Dodge R5 engines for ARCA, Nationwide Series or Camping World Truck Series use in the 2011 season. 


Contact us for deals and details on these engines that proved the most reliable and led the most laps in the ARCA series in 2010. 


Call us at 734-456-3600 or email!



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