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Chevrolet Returns to IndyCar

Izod IndyCar LogoWe are excited to announce that Ilmor will be partnering with Chevrolet to develop a new twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V6 racing engine for competition in the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series.  This announcement marks the return to a very successful partnership between Ilmor and GM, one that led to over 100 IndyCar wins while racing together from 1986-93 and in 2002.  Additionally, the new partnership will reunite Chevrolet with Penske Racing, which is the first IndyCar team to commit to the new Chevrolet turbo engine in 2012, and who won 31 open-wheeled races using Chevrolet power, including four Indy 500 wins.

Finally, Ilmor's connection with Chevrolet for IndyCar reinforces our existing relationship with GM for our marine program.  As you may know, all of the MV8 engines built by Ilmor Marine, LLC in Mooresville, NC, are developed using GM V8 engines, as GM is the recognized leader in gasoline marine engine propulsion.  The Ilmor-Chevrolet IndyCar partnership will allow us to apply the jointly developed cutting-edge technologies used on the racetrack directly to our marine products, expanding our current line-up and enhancing the overall performance of our MV8 engines. 

We are happy to provide this news update to you, and invite you to share in our excitement.  We look forward to the amazing 2012 racing season with Chevrolet, and will be sure to keep you updated!

Please click here for the full story, direct from Chevrolet.

Introducing the new MV8 engines from Ilmor Marine, LLC

This summer, Ilmor Marine, LLC opened the doors of its new, state-of-the-art marine engine assembly and test facility in Mooresville, NC.   The 50,000 sq. ft. building is where our new series of inboard GM-based V-8 engines are built, each with unique Ilmor-developed parts for ultimate reliability and responsiveness. 

MV8 5.7L


Ilmor MV8 engines are currently available in three sizes:  A 5.7L for durability and efficiency, a 6.0L for strength and stamina, and a 6.2L for power and performance.  These engine variants are offered in fresh water and salt water "Ocean Performance Series". 

MV8 6.0L OPS

Our first manufacturing partner to integrate the MV8 engines is MasterCraft Boat Company.  Early in our discussions, MasterCraft shared years of customer feedback about engine performance - and we listened carefully.  Today, every Ilmor engine is designed to enhance the overall performance of each MasterCraft boat.  With both companies' legacies of quality, innovation and achievement, this special partnership is sure to leave the competition in our wake.
MV8 6.2L


We look forward to sharing updates on Ilmor Marine, LLC with you, including future manufacturing partners and additional product development. 

2010 ARCA Racing Season Highlights

The Ilmor Engineering team had another exciting and action-packed season with Cunningham Motorsports in the 2010 ARCA Racing Series.  Two cars were powered by Ilmor engines:  Car #77 driven by Tom Hessert, and Car #22 driven by Dakoda Armstrong.


Tom Hessert dominated and won the race at Iowa Speedway, and placed in the top 5 ten times.  He also led the most laps during the season (387, next best was 270).  Hessert placed third in the overall Championship standings.

 Armstrong Talladega Victory

Penske development driver Dakoda Armstrong won both the pole and the race at Talladega, and also finished first at Salem.  He also won the coveted "Rookie of the Year" award and was the highest finishing rookie in 19 of the 20 races this year.


Both Hessert and Armstrong were the top two drivers to complete the most laps throughout the season: Hessert with 2631 of a possible 2652 (99.2%) laps, and Armstrong with 2580 (97.2%).  This outstanding feat highlights the skill and preparation of the Cunningham Team and superior engineering and reliability of Ilmor engines. 

We plan to continue racing with Cunningham in next year's ARCA series, and are also looking for additional partnerships with new or existing race teams.


Congratulations to Cunningham Motorsports for a fantastic 2010 season!

2010 Key West Super Boat World Championships

From November 8-15, over 54 race teams gathered in Key West, Florida, for the 30th Annual Key West Super Boat World Championships.  Two of the teams participating in the races
were powered by Ilmor engines.
Lucas Oil 
The Vector 'Lucas Oil' team piloted by Michael Silfverberg and throttled by Nigel Hook, was entered in the P1 class, and won its race on Sunday, for an overall second place finish in the final rankings.

The Fountain 'Talladega' team, driven by Don Urfer and throttled by Chris Gatturna, entered in both the Super Vee Unlimited and the P1 classes.  The 'Talladega' boat (formerly the back-to-back P1 World Championship 'King of Shaves' boat) used the same Gen III MV-10s from 2007 and was the only team to complete every lap in every race they entered, finishing third in the final rankings.

For the complete event details and final results, including photos and videos, please visit

Congratulations to both teams for exciting races and outstanding performances!
Hitting the Open Road with Viper Motorcycle Company

VMC Bike

Have you ever heard the roar and rumble of a 152 cubic inch V-Twin motorcycle engine?  That's exactly what you'll hear on the new 2011 Diamondback, produced by our partner, Viper Motorcycle Company. 

The Diamondback is a high performance super cruiser motorcycle, delivering both reliability and performance in a luxurious and lightweight carbon fiber dressed package. Each bike incorporates the latest in motorcycle technology, including a proprietary engine vibration dampening system and air-ride suspension, for an ultra smooth ride unlike any before.

Powering this super cruiser is the unique Ilmor 152 V-Twin, an all-billet, polished aluminum, big bore/short stroke engine, designed to produced unmatched power and torque.

After a successful debut at Sturgis, the 2011 Diamondback has hit the market.   To learn more about this impressive motorcycle and the Ilmor 152 V-Twin, visit
About Us

Ilmor Engineering was founded in 1984 when engineers Mario Illien (IL) and Paul Morgan (MOR) reached out to Roger Penske with a plan to build a better engine for the IndyCar racing series. Since then, legendary drivers like Andretti, Unser, and Castroneves have all driven cars powered by Ilmor engines now with over 225 IndyCar race wins, 16 Indianapolis 500 victories, 34 Formula 1 wins, and two Formula 1 World Championships. Ilmor continues to design and manufacture engines for IndyCar, NASCAR, ARCA, USAC Midget and Desert Truck.


In 2003, Ilmor applied its expertise to the marine industry, and created a completely unique engine for high performance powerboats based on the 8.3L Dodge Viper V-10. By 2007, Ilmor had expanded its competitive tradition into powerboat racing, winning three consecutive World Championships in Powerboat P1 racing and capturing an APBA / SBI (USA) Championship in the P1 class with manufacturing partners Fountain Worldwide and Chaudron Powerboats.


The positive response to Ilmor's products and customer service has resulted in Ilmor becoming a major supplier of powerboat engines and drives to boat makers all over the world, paving the way for product expansion. In 2008, Ilmor began designing a series of inboard GM-based V-8 engines, each with unique Ilmor developed parts for durability, efficiency and performance. In 2010, Ilmor opened its state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot marine engine assembly and test facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, specifically committed to managing the long term growth of the marine program.


Ilmor still follows the same principles put in place by its founders: innovative solutions, precision engineering and manufacturing, high quality, reliable products, and a high level of customer support.


To learn more about Ilmor, visit us at

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