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OCTOBER 2012   
A R T I S T - I N - R E S I D E N C E  P R O G R A M



Over the last few years, UMOCA has undertaken several initiatives to better serve the Utah arts community, including: the opening of our new Locals Only Gallery, the organization of our first exhibition of Utah artists for an out-of-state venue (last year's West of Center show in Los Angeles), and better integration of Utah and national artists in our group exhibitions.


Now, UMOCA is ready to take our support of Utah artists to the next level with our new Artist-in-Residence Program, the only long-term artist residency designed specifically to meet the needs of artists living in Utah. Utah artists will be selected primarily based on demonstrated artistic potential, commitment to working in a contemporary idiom, willingness to participate in a robust and intellectually-engaged community of artists, and readiness to devote the time necessary to advance their professional careers to the next level.      


UMOCA residents will receive a wide variety of benefits, including up to two years of free studio space inside the museum itself. UMOCA will also provide residents with private meetings with national curators, critics, and other art world professionals who will be brought to UMOCA specifically to give our residents opportunities for higher visibility inside and outside the state. In addition, UMOCA will support residents by offering workshops in professional development, monthly critiques, special access to visiting artists and lecturers, exhibition opportunities outside the museum, a week-long working vacation in rural Utah, and greater chances for community engagement.   


Our goal with the new residency program is to make it possible for Utah artists to pursue successful careers at the national level while maintaining their homes here in this state.


The UMOCA Artist-in-Residence Program will launch in the first quarter of 2013, so the application process will begin shortly. Be sure to visit our website for residency information, application requirements, and the application deadline.

E V E N T S 


OCT 5, 2012, 8:00 - 10:00 PM   

white-bar-spacerPlease join us for our First Friday event, a monthly celebration of the contemporary art world with amazing exhibitions, music, food, and cash bar.  


October's First Friday features the opening of My Land/Your Land: Election 2012, Battleground States, and music by DJ Street Jesus. More


OCT 5, 2012, 9:00 - 10:00 PM   

white-bar-spacerContemporary artist Tobias Bernstrup will perform at UMOCA one-night only!   


Benstrup creates artwork with videos, interactive pieces, live performances, and electronic music. His music has been dubbed "the torch-bearer of nostalgic techno synth harking back to an era of retro-futurism that never was". Had David Cronenberg made a movie about Kraftwerk it would star Tobias Bernstrup.   


The performance is made possible in part from support of IASPIS: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists.

E X H I B I T I O N  O P E N I N G S 

OCT 5-NOV 24, 2012

white spaceThe Utah Museum of Contemporary Art joins the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the New Museum in New York, and other museums across the U.S. to present Jonathan Horowitz's Your Land/My Land: Election '12-a special exhibition coinciding with the 2012 American Presidential election.


Your Land/My Land: Election '12 is a reimagined installation originally presented by Horowitz during the 2008 presidential election. At each location (as in '08), red and blue area rugs will divide the exhibition space into opposing zones, reflecting America's color-coded, political, and cultural divide. Back-to-back monitors will be suspended between the carpets, with one broadcasting a live feed of Fox News, the other of MSNBC. The lyrics of This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, which originally addressed the issue of land ownership, will be applied to the wall.


The space created by Horowitz will provide a location for people to gather and watch coverage of as well as talk about the presidential election. The installation's central trope is a divided United States swathed in only red and blue.


Join us in the My Land/Your Land exhibition for two special events:


Oct 11, 7-9 PM: Vice Presidential Debate

Nov 6, 7 PM-TBD: Election Night 



OCT 5, 2012-JAN 5, 2013

white spaceBattleground States brings together artists who critically engage with the discourse of visual culture and gender studies. Through video, sculpture, installation, and photography, these works explore ideas of how figuration and identity are connected.


The exhibition begins with Utah artist Trevor Southey as his process of self-realization has made him an art historical pivot when discussing gender politics within the culture of Utah. The narrative continues by presenting generations of artists across the globe, leading the viewer along a path of self-realization in which concepts of coupling or completing the self are represented as spiritual quests.


Battleground States analyzes the space between traditional gender duality by exploring alternative forms such as the third gender, a generally foreign concept in Western culture. In their non-Western roles, these alternative identities denote a space for possibility and transcendence. The exhibition moves towards notions of the "post-gender" as a way to better understand how our cultural diversities open up interpretations of a third space.

Artists: Daniel Albrigo, Absalon, Bas Jan Ader, Matthew Barney, Tobias Bernstrup, Robin Black, Nayland Blake, AA Bronson, Heather Cassils, Nicole Eisenman, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jonathan Horowitz, Trishelle Jeffrey, Amy Jorgensen, Asma Kazmi, Terence Koh, Annie Leibowitz, David Levine, Matt Lipps, Georges Minne, Carlos Motta, Takashi Murakami, Shirin Neshat, Bertrand Planes, Genesis Breyer P-orridge, Dean Sameshima, Jack Smith, Trevor Southey, David Wojnarowicz, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Guido van der Werve

Battleground States is made possible in part through the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the B. W. Bastian Foundation.


E X H I B I T I O N S   

SEP 7-DEC 21, 2012

white spaceKnock on wood. Grab the lucky penny. Don't cross the black cat's path. Beware the number 13. Drive a rusty nail through a lime to avoid the evil eye.  


Superstition is one of the most uniting forces across cultures. Whether conscious or unconscious, with zeal, skepticism or denial, our behaviors, daily rhythms, architecture and design are determined by superstitions both arcane and contemporary.


Artist Jason Metcalf has painstakingly researched, re-enacted and refreshed languages of superstition long forgotten from day-to-day vernacular with provenance in places as far as Haiti and as near as the Sanpete Valley. Entities, obsessions, legends and lore from various cultures provide the sculptural and performative language displayed in his solo exhibition. More 

E X H I B I T I O N S   C L O S I N G  S O O N 

AUG 3-SEP 29, 2012

white spaceLos Angeles-based artist Alex Israel uses Hollywood as a material to produce videos, objects, performances, and installations. AS IT LAYS, 2012 employs the television talk-show format as a platform to produce contemporary portraits.  


In each episode, Israel, in the role of TV host, peppers his guest with randomly selected questions. The result is a tour de force of absurdity as celebrities from Marilyn Manson to Rosanna Arquette to  Vidal Sassoon respond to questions such as: "Have you ever thrown a party when your parents were out of town?", "What are the key ingredients for your dream salad?", and "Have you ever been arrested?".


AS IT LAYS is the talk show you've been waiting for...and UMOCA is proud to present nearly five hours of this portraiture of celebrity culture. More



JUL 6-OCT 20, 2012

white space

The cutest dog in the world has come to Salt Lake City!


What IS Mr. Winkle? A stuffed animal? A golf club cover? A cat in a dog suit? Such imaginative interpretations of her former stray pup is what inspired Lara Jo Regan to create a photo series that captured the world's imagination, transforming Mr. Winkle into an international cult hero and one of the world's first internet celebrities.


For 10 years, award-winning documentary photographer Regan worked with Mr. Winkle as her muse. Creating hundreds of photographic tableaux with Mr. Winkle as the star, her images draw influence from 19th century portrait photography and 20th century art practices.More 


Big Top Winkle will be screened every Saturday at 1 PM, now through Oct. 20, in the UMOCA auditorium. 

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OCT 6, 12:00-10:00 PM   


Hacker Gardening     


UMOCA, along with over 100 other Makers, will participate in this family-friendly event that brings together DIY enthusiasts, artists, designers, crafters, architects, and engineers.  


Visit the UMOCA booth at Library Square to create "Seed Bombs" made from native, drought tolerant flowers, compost, and clay. Watch out for unexpected flower gardens and moments of color throughout the city.



OCT 13, 2:00-4:00 PM   

Who's Behind That Mask?!   


Halloween is the time to take on a different identity and pretend to be someone or something you are not by wearing masks and costumes. Children will be able to make their own ghost, jack-o-lantern or collage masks out of common household supplies. Paper plates, paint, and magazines are transformed into fun masks to wear for trick-or-treating on Halloween.


Join us for this hands-on art making activity that ties in with our current exhibition, Abracadabra, an exploration of superstitions! 


Family Art Saturday is free and provides a great opportunity for kids and adults to make an innovative piece of art while learning about the exhibitions at UMOCA.




The Book Festival is a month-long, statewide, celebration of books and the love of reading. The following events take place in UMOCA's auditorium.   


Oct. 6, 4:30-7 PM: Taylor Mali, What Teachers Make (Poetry Reading), Utah Book Festival


Oct. 12, 7-9 PM: Art Talk by Carlos Motta, Battleground States/Utah Book Festival


Oct. 17, 6-9:30 PM: Greg Martin, Stories for Boys (Reading), Battleground States/Utah Book Festival


Oct. 19, 6-10 PM: Ana Castillo, Guardians (Reading), Utah Book Festival



OCT 10, 7:00 PM

US and Russian scouts travel through remote Siberian villages looking for 13- 15 year old girls suitable for modeling jobs in Japan. This documentary is an insightful look into the modeling industry.




October's Artist of the Month is Joshua Flicker; he manipulates ceramic to echo materials found in the natural world. Flicker's bowls and sculptures reveal the appearance of natural erosion through complex layering on the exterior while the interiors are left elegantly smooth and polished. Flicker's ceramics as well as many other fantastic local items can be found in our Art Shop. More



SEP 22, 29, AND OCT 6, 3:30-5:00 PM  


With an emphasis on close observation and easy to grasp principles, this participatory workshop is designed to give all audiences the ability to appreciate even the most difficult contemporary art. Learn the basics of Art Fitness Training, and then flex your contemporary art muscles at museums and private collections (the first two Saturday's are in SLC, the third.at the BYU Museum of Art).


This round of Art Fitness Training is SOLD OUT!




Many thanks to everyone who purchased tickets to this unique experience... you are in for an evening to remember! For those of you who missed the chance, visitors to UMOCA on the night of Sept. 28 (between 7-9 PM) will be able to observe the dinner and performance from the walkways over the Main Gallery.
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