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Because you are among the Salt Lake Art Center's important supporters, we are pleased to be able to share first with you the news that we will be changing our name in early 2012 to the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA). In some respects, the new name is simply an acknowledgment that the Art Center has offered professional exhibitions of great quality for years.  


In other respects, we hope the change of name will be of major significance, providing greater transparency to the general public about exactly what kind of experience they can expect if they walk through our doors. In just the last 12 months, for instance, we have exhibited (or are currently exhibiting) groundbreaking contemporary visual art by leading national and international artists, including: TED presenter Miwa Matreyek; MacArthur Genius Award recipient Bill T. Jones; Guggenheim Fellow Jennifer Nelson; Venice Biennale artist Daniela Comani; Rome Prize winner Mary Reid Kelly; recipient of the Leone d'Oro award for Lifetime Achievement, Barbara Kruger; and the inaugural recipient of the Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting, Kim Schoenstadt. Two days ago, we opened a new exhibition by German artist and Fulbright scholar Mirko Martin, and in January we will exhibit artists working at the cutting-edge of digital media as part of Sundance Film Festival's New Frontier. At the same time, we have recommitted ourselves to the local community by designating the front-most gallery in our building exclusively for exhibitions year-round of Utah artists working in a contemporary idiom.   


With two new permanent galleries recently opened in our building, an exciting curatorial vision that is striking a resonant chord with residents of Utah, a five-fold increase in our audience over the last 18 months, and a new premium café scheduled to open shortly, the change of name also signals high aspirations for the future. The great cities of this country have museums that not only exhibit "the art of today," but also contribute to downtown renewal, cultural tourism, national recognition and economic development that benefits the urban core; as the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, we stand ready to play this active role in the broader community. Even the local media have taken notice, with The Salt Lake Tribune recently acknowledging that changes in our programming may "put Utah-and new talent-on the national map," while Salt Lake magazine has stated that the institution has "a new lease on life."  


Please help us continue to offer programming that engages our community in new ways, that broadens and emboldens our cultural curiosity, and that fosters an exchange of ideas. Whether you choose to give $40 or $500, please join us in making the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art the kind of civic institution you will be excited and proud to share with your family and friends





James Roberts 

Board President   


Adam Price 

Executive Director

Best of State




"Reading this letter, I hope you can see why I am so excited about the new direction of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Just as importantly, I want to personally thank you for everything you have done in making this one of the most successful and rewarding years in our 80-year history. It's your support that helps us serve the needs of the diverse community that we have become. To help us face the challenges ahead, please give what you can."   


-Roy Jespersen, President-Elect, Utah Museum of 

Contemporary Art



"[Curator of Education] Felicia Baca really nailed it. Excellent, thoughtful introductions that were smart and not condescending. One of the best gallery talks ever."   


-Prof. David Baddley, Westminster College,

 Salt Lake City



"In the current bid of art organizations everywhere to redefine their mission, connect with the public in new ways, and yet still promote art with all the earnestness that mission entails, it's apparent to almost anyone ... that the Salt Lake Art Center has hit a hole in one."  


-The Salt Lake Tribune



"The students loved the tours and experiencing the exhibits. It expanded their idea of what is possible in art and was a great success! Most of the students have never been to an art museum ... so it was a new experience for them .... The great thing is that most of the students said they wanted to go back to visit!"    


-Lisa Nichols, Art Dept., Hunter Junior High, West Valley City

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