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FabCab's 2011 March News
Client's Chronicle: Camano Island Custom Home   
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About This Project

FabCab is pleased to announce our project on Camano Island, WA has received a building permit!


This 1,587 sf, 2-story custom residence reuses an existing foundation, transforming a weekend getaway property into a full-time home.  The open floor plan and full wall of windows will take advantage of breathtaking views across Port Susan, and the refinished deck will be the perfect place for a barbeque this summer.


Client Testimonial 

"It has really been a pleasure to work with Emory and his FabCab team on our project.  We've had many challenges because we must rebuild on our existing footprint and ensure that all County and State requirements regarding building in a shoreline environment are met.  Emory had to go back to the drawing board many times to revise our plans and each time he turned them around quickly and with creative solutions to every potential problem we encountered.  His communication and responsiveness are superb and he has provided us with excellent guidance and advice throughout this process.  We give Emory and his team our highest and most enthusiastic recommendation!"

-Linda, owner of Camano Island project 

FabCab Tips: What is a Passive House? 
Passive House

By Chelsea Gorkiewicz, FabCab Designer | LEED AP/AIA Associate


One of the most exciting advances in sustainable design is the Passive House concept.  Passive Houses achieve an overall heating energy savings of 90% through efficient design featuring an airtight shell, super insulation, proper solar orientation, and a heat exchanging ventilation system for a healthy fresh air supply.


The first Passive House was constructed in Germany in 1990.  Since then, the concept has exploded in popularity for residential and commercial buildings in Europe.  Passive Houses are just starting to appear in the US, with a number of pilot projects in the Pacific Northwest.  We hope to learn more about Passive House design and offer a FabCab Passive House in the future.


Want to know more?  Check out FabCab's Blog!

Supplier Spotlight: Abodian Cabinetry 
Abodian small kitchen

(FabCab's selected suppliers are in sync with our Sustainability practices and application of Universal Design principles.)


Excerpt from Abodian 


Abodian offers elegant storage solutions with simple assembly.  We appeal to the frugal sensibilities of today's marketplace by offering high-efficiency manufacturing with a construction method perfect for the Do It Yourselfer.  The easy-to-assemble, flat-packed solution for just about every household application, including closet organizer systems to award winning kitchens, can be easily embraced by folks in every skill set and budget realm.


We wanted our carbon footprint to be small,  so we source as much of our wood products from within the region as reasonably possible.  We also use a construction method that yields remarkably strong cabinets and very modest levels of waste.  We offer materials that are sustainably harvested, fully recycled, have little or no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS), reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUFs).  Mostly, we wanted the flexibility to create whatever we wanted without having to pay too much or wait too long. 


We think we've stricken a chord.  The marketplace has responded very affirmatively to our value proposition. We've done many, many kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, sewing rooms, garages, closets and even a few odd ones such as a barge galley, restaurant fixtures and fancy recruiting kiosks. Learn more about Abodian 

Contractor's Corner: Planning for the Future  
UD bathroom-Mike Vowels

By Mike Vowels, Universal Design Advocate, Seattle

Photo: Award Winning Universal Design work - By Mike Vowels


As the housing market changes, more homeowners are viewing their existing home as their final home and decisions they make about remodeling and upgrades are more important than ever.  


Integrating Universal Design into your plans for building or remodeling is smart prudent thinking.  We live in a world of "Sell-By" dates that accompany all of the perishable goods that we buy.  Universal Design prolongs your home's "Sell-By" date, allowing you to remain in your home indefinitely.  Curb-less showers, wider door openings and step-less grade changes are but a few features that can allow you to plan for your future, right at home.

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A FabCab named "Beau" in Brewster, Wa. Goodbye snow, welcome spring!

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