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See yourself sipping an ice-cold lemonade on your new front porch next spring?
Fall Offer
If you are planning for a spring build, get prepared to meet your project goals by starting your process now. FabCab is currently running a fall incentive for our clients looking to build spring-summer 2011. If you put down a deposit with us now or up until October 15th, we will include a landscape conceptual plan with your package, free of charge.
We thought it would be nice for you to have a patio to sit on while you sip your lemonade
* mention this add in your inquiry
Yocum's house 2
Client's Chronicle: Update #2 on..."Beau"
Beau, Okanogan County, Eastern WA
Beau's exterior is complete and the interior walls and materials are in. Our clients are currently working on a landscape plan to create an inviting outside space for Beau. We would like to thank Beau's owners for taking the liberty of renaming our 550 model. We think it is quite fitting!

Stay tuned for next month's interior shots...
About This Project
The client selected our 550 s.f. Full Kit (Exterior and Interior package). After the site was prepared and a concrete slab was poured, the construction build time was 6-8 weeks.

Supplier Spotlight: Lumicor
lumicor panel
(Our selected suppliers are in sync with our Sustainability practices and application of Universal Design principles.)

Lumicor manufactures translucent resin panels that capture light, beauty and imagination. Their innovative products empower designers to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Lumicor panels have been used in a wide variety of applications including partitions, countertops, door inserts, ceilings, wall cladding, furniture, lighting and signage.

Lumicor is a family owned business and a pioneer in the manufacturing of architectural resin panels. They are passionate about creating beautiful, quality products that enhance spaces with light, texture and color.
All of their products are made from sustainably harvested or recycled materials and boast some of the highest recycled content in the industry. FabCab is pleased to offer Lumicor panels in our sliding and pocket doors, closets and partitions!

FabCab Tips: Importance of Good Lighting
It is no surprise to many of us that our vision is reduced as we age. What is staggering is that, "A 60-year-old receives only about 40% of the same amount of available light as a 20-year-old." Despite this grim statistic, we can combat our home vision woes with good lighting design.
Consider adding visual queues to your home environment. Here are some suggestions from FabCab to "light your lifestyle":
  • Many of us get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Consider adding motion sensor lighting to your hallway and/or bathroom to reduce disorientation.
  • Lighting while conducting detail oriented tasks is under-utilized. Install task lighting under cabinets, utilize adjustable table lamps for your office desk area, and try adding a portable book/computer light for reading. Your eyes will thank you!
  • Contrast is key. Add contrasting colors to landings on stairs will help gauge depth and instead of clear glass doors, consider adding decorative inlay panels to door frames as a visual queue.
  • Let there be light! Natural light can make spaces look larger. FabCab's homes are designed with interior door systems that double up sectioning off spaces and allowing for privacy, while pulling natural light through the translucent Lumicor inlays in between the doors.
Upcoming Events: September's Lineup
FabCab Partnerships | September 2010
Watch for next month's FabCab News about Hawk Creek Ranch and Silver Spur Resort, two recreation developments by the Tacoma Land Company in Eastern WA. They offer pricing & finance packages on 5+ acres parcels, unrestricted development timelines, no minimum square footage requirements, xeriscaping and solar power potential.
FabCab designs are starting to appear in these two areas and we will discuss why our designs have become popular in developments such as Hawk Creek & Silver Spur Resort.

AARP National Convention | September 30-October 2, 2010
FabCab was asked to attend the AARP national convention Orlando@50+. AARP will be exhibiting Accessory Dwelling Unit companies and FabCab is honored to be one of them! We will also be hosting a lecture, Designing Healthy Spaces.

TOTO Japan Trip | September 26-October 1, 2010
Emory Baldwin, our principal architect and owner was invited to Japan by TOTO to take part in a series of innovative discussions and events focused on cutting-edge design.

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