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Frame Raising in Okanogan County, Eastern Washington
Our selected project is in Okanogan County, "the gateway to exploration of north central Washington, and southern British Columbia." Our client's site is perched on a knoll that has a 360 degree view of mountains. After meeting the client at the Seattle Home Show, they envisioned the Modern 550 s.f. FabCab design on their property.

Okanogan County Client:
"FabCab: Love at first sight! We bought this FabCab at the Seattle Home Show after one walk through! The combination of open design, beautiful craftsmanship, spacious atmosphere, and abundance of light from the wall of windows was irresistible. We knew that it would be the perfect ready-to-go cabin for our property in eastern Washington state."

Job Contractor:
"Based on the way this house is designed, everything goes together smoothly and quickly. General construction hang-ups are minimized because it is designed well."

About This Project
As mentioned, the client selected the 550 s.f. stock floorplan Full Kit (Exterior and Interior package). After the site was prepared and a concrete slab was poured, the construction build time is 6-8 weeks.

Stay tuned for an update on this project...
FabCab's Featured Supplier: TOTO
(Our selected suppliers are in sync with our Sustainability practices and application of Universal Design principles.)

TOTO's AquiaŽ
TOTO's dedication to Universal Design is evident in the AquiaŽ Dual-Flush Wall-Hung Toilet.  This stylish design is at home in a variety of bath settings and optimizes water usage with a high-efficiency dual-flushing system.  Choose between 0.9 GPF for liquid waste or 1.6 GPF for solid waste.  The tank installs in a standard 2" x 4" wall, and the bowl mounts above the floor with an adjustable rim height of 15" - 19".  This flexible installation saves 9" of valuable space, allowing a variety of bathroom configurations to suit each home's needs. The concealed tank and wall-hung bowl allow for easy cleaning around the toilet and on the floor.  The Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet offers the best possible experience for users at all stages of life.

Making the Most of a Late Summer Build
By Guy Paulsen, FabCab's Sales and Project Manager
When I was newly married and thinking about when to start our family I asked a close family friend for some advice. He turned to me and said "there is never a perfect time to start having children. There are pros & cons to any time, it helps to be aware what they are." 
Over the years I have held onto these words. Moreover, I have found myself often using this lesson learned when it comes to discussing projects with our clients. There are a number of pros & cons or "variables" to take into consideration when planning your build. Financing, labor, material costs, logistics, weather and the list goes on. Some variables have a greater "influence" over others and it is important to identify what possible "variable influences" which may exist during your project. As an example, individuals who are self-financing their build (Couple #1) may have greater latitude when it comes to completing their project where individuals with a conventional building loan (Couple #2) may have a more defined timeline. The "variable influence" in this example is the positive effect Couple #1 financing has on their their timeline (allowing more time to seek more pricing opportunities) as compared to Couple #2 who has who have less time to work with. 
One of the most common variables which has an effect on a build is the weather. In areas such as the Pacific Northwest (Northern CA, OR, WA, BC) weather conditions often permit building year round. Deciding to move forward with a Late Summer Build, owners need to be aware of this influence and its effect it can have on their project - both positive and negative.
Spring through summer is the "peak period" for most builders and their associated sub-trades. Securing the builder you want at the price you can live with can be difficult during this period. A well organized and prepared project starting in the late summer is often welcomed by builders as it bridges the gap between their peak periods and historic shoulder season. 
An "influence" as a result of building your late summer build will see owners becoming more prepared and definite about their project. This should be seen as a positive influence as often it determines the pace in which their build progresses. Anticipating such influences from variables like weather is critical. This becomes even more evident when working within a specific timeline in mind such as looking to have your building closed in prior to cool and rainy weather setting in.  
Rarely there is a "perfect time" to build your next home or vacation getaway when all factors are considered. Just remember to identify the variables you are working with and those which are most likely to influence your project. Once you have identified these and addressed them with possible solutions, it's then a matter of managing your plan.

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