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FabCab Launches New Website!
We are excited to announce FabCab's new website is officially launched! We have added more (and larger) floor plans and have added information about FabCab's Sustainability practices and the research that goes into FabCab's drive.

Let us know if you have a project in mind. We can guide you through the design and construction process and educate you about healthy and efficient spaces.
FabCab's Featured Supplier: Vetrazzo
Vetrazzo Countertop
Vetrazzo's "Tripple Bottom Line"

FabCab was highly impressed after visiting Vetrazzo's manufacturing facility at an old Ford auto plant in Richmond, California. It was spotless, had circulating clean air and natural light poured in from the roof.

The makers of Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops are redefining what it means to be green by producing the most eco-friendly surface materials on the market, and honoring the triple bottom line of "people, planet, and profit" in their everyday business operations.
"Sustainability is achieved when you no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics for the good of the people or the planet," says James Sheppard, president of Vetrazzo. "People won't do the right thing if the right thing isn't gorgeous."
PEOPLE: At a time when manufacturing jobs are outsourced all over the world, Vetrazzo is keeping living wage jobs at home. They offer full health and dental benefits while paying 50 percent higher wages than many other West Coast manufacturing jobs. Vetrazzo believes this investment in their people produces highly motivated workers, greater retention, and a top-quality product.
PLANET: Vetrazzo's most obvious commitment to the planet is the use of recycled glass that would otherwise go directly into landfills. Vetrazzo offers a "green alternative to granite countertops", which come with a steep environmental price tag. "Quarried stone products are usually produced in developing countries that often don't have adequate worker safety regulations and are quarried in a way that is very destructive to the environment," says Sheppard. Even the company's daily operations are designed with the planet in mind. Vetrazzo operates on a closed-loop water filtration system, saving approximately 150,000 gallons per month.
PROFIT: The socially responsible entrepreneurs of Vetrazzo wanted to do more than make a green countertop, they wanted it to be beautiful, durable, and distinctive. And they wanted the entire company to be sustainable with a focus well beyond economic profit. The community's economic health and the planet's environmental health are equally as important as the bottom line.
Project Planning 101
By Guy Paulsen, FabCab's Sales and Project Manager
Home-owners often act as their own "Project Manager" while building their home. For some, overseeing the construction of their home is second nature while for others it can be a daunting process.
To get on top of matters and stay there, a home-owner needs to anticipate what it will take to successfully complete the job. Physical and financial resources, personnel, and management structure are all important considerations. Carving out the necessary turf up front can make a world of difference to the project's outcome. After the "what," "where," and "when" of a project are nailed down, the next question is "how" to do the job.
Taking time to research each stage of your build will be of great assistance. Common trappings for the first time Project Manager is to underestimate the time required for different trades to complete their portion or which sub-trades are compatible on-site and which are not.
Allan Frandsen, NASA Science Payload Manager on the Advanced Composition (ACE) Explorer Mission, was quoted in a project management related article as saying "tranquility is probably an overstatement, but in running a project, I have always tried to anticipate problems and take appropriate action to head them off." He goes onto say while he has yet to achieve this state; he "strives for it" every time.
Knowing, at least in general terms, what is supposed to happen next is also key. Being an effective Project Manager means using whatever tools are available - including humor.

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