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Did you know... February has been officially dubbed "American Heart Month" since Congress commissioned the President to declare it so in 1963.

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Vitamin of the Month

What Does It Do?

  • Vitamin K is one of the four fat-soluble vitamins and is an integral component of the body's clotting system. Though it is stored in the body's fatty tissues, regular consumption of K-rich food is required to keep stores adequate.
  • Deficiency is rare, which is beneficial due to its ability to instigate the "clotting cascade", or the process by which the formation of blood clots (coagulation) stops bleeding.
  • Vitamin K is also thought to play a role in keeping bones strong as well as possibly preventing calcification.

Where Can You Find It?

  • Excellent sources come mainly in the form of dark, leafy greens - think kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, brussel sprouts, and swiss chard. For the non-veggie lovers among us, add green tea, cheddar cheese, coriander, parsley, and cottonseed, soybean, canola, or olive oil to your daily diet.

Adequate Intake (AI)*:

  • Men (19+ years of age): 120 micrograms/day
  • Women (19+ years of age): 90 micrograms/day

*Based on data from the third National Health & Examination Nutrition Survey (NHANES 3)


Advancing Health Newsletter February 2011

5 Ways to Fight the Fat

  • Try sautéing food in low sodium broth or salad dressing, such as Italian.
  • Swap oils - trade the vegetable, coconut, and peanut for heart healthy canola oil (93% healthy fats), olive oil (85% healthy fats), or soybean oil (85% healthy fats).
  • Trade one meat-based entrée for one plant-based entrée each week. Check out ­Meat Out Mondays for ideas.
  • Grind flax seeds before adding them to your baked goods and cereals, as the body cannot digest the whole seed.
  • Opt for meats with "round" or "loin" in their title.

Curious about your cooking oil? Here's a breakdown of the unhealthy fats (in red) and the healthy fats (in blue, orange, and yellow). How does your favorite stack up?

Comparison of Dietary Fats. Source: Alberta Canola Producers Commission
Comparison of Dietary Fats. Source: Alberta Canola Producers Commission

Do you have Gout with

Painful Gout Flare-Ups?

Gout Clinical Research Study


Diablo Clinical Research is conducting a research study to see if an investigational drug can lower uric acid levels in the body (high uric acid can cause gout).


If you have a history of gout or are currently experiencing gout symptoms,

you may qualify to participate in this research study.


Study participants will

receive all study related care at no charge, including physical

exams, lab services and study drug.

Qualified participants may be compensated for time & travel.


To learn more, call (925)930-7267 Monday through Friday.

Best of the Blog

If you've been planning to read our blog but have never clicked through it before, this is for you! Read on to see what all the buzz is about - below are a few excerpts from recent blog posts. Go ahead, start reading and enjoy crossing one more thing off the to-do list.


Bitter is Better

01-13-2011 11:54:42 AM

Bitter melon is a vegetable native to Asia and is used primarily in Asian and Indian cooking. When harvested, it resembles a long, bumpy green cucumber that turns an orangey-yellow hue when ripened. Though named for a melon, this veggie is a member of the squash family. Both the skin and the seeds are edible [...]

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01-12-2011 14:04:03 PM

Attention loyal readers - we need your feedback! We started this blog as a way to share information about our research clinic (Diablo Clinical Research) and as a place for readers to come to gather health information, recipes, and possible study opportunities. Now we want to know -are we succeeding? Are our posts informative and [...]

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Focus on the Fat

One of the best ways to improve your heart health is changing your eating patterns, but it can be challenging to discern fact from fiction on your own. Here to translate good intentions into practical advice is SCAN, or the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Subunit of the American Dietetic Association.


In their Winter 2010 e-newsletter, Pamela Nisevich Bede, MS, RD, CSSD provides a helpful table explaining the latest updates to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and what it looks like to implement them into their daily habits. Click here to see her recommendations.

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