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Southern California SWANA Winter Newsletter
November 2011
Brad Gust
Meet our newest Board Member
Mr. Brad Gust with Rehrig Pacific Company

So what exactly do you do?


Simply put, I sell trash cans.  You should see the looks I get when I respond to that question.  Some folks have a puzzled look on their face and for others it can lead to a blank stare.   My favorite one to date was at a very formal wedding this last summer.  The various professionals at the table went around introducing themselves...a neurologist, two partners at a powerful law firm, a high-level consultant, and last but not least I blurt out trash can sales.  It was definitely a game changer but after further explanation it lightened the mood for the rest of the night.


Why did you join the SWANA board?


Contrary to a rumor that I lost a bet to Diko. I joined the SWANA board because I believe that I can bring value to the organization.  SWANA was created as a platform for solid waste professionals to share ideas and experiences that are unique to the industry.  I feel that is crucial to have input from the public and private sectors as well as various suppliers and consultants.


What do you enjoy most about the solid waste industry?


The "blue collar" portion of my job.  While sitting in an air-conditioned office has its perks, I really enjoy throwing on the work boots and blue jeans for the various projects that Rehrig Pacific is a part of.  Whether it is a new cart roll out, reclamation project, or retrofit, it's a great sense of accomplishment to see a project go from concept to completion and to be able to play a vital role throughout each stage.



Brad resides in the City of Orange with his wife Jamie and sons Kaden (5) and Carson (1).  He earned his degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University where he was a scholar athlete on the men's Division I volleyball team.  In his spare time he enjoys running, cycling, swimming, and trying to keep up with his two boys.



Brad Gust
Rehrig Pacific Company

(323) 415-5507 office   


ocwr logo
OC Waste & Recycling at the Discover Science Center in Santa Ana

Every idea needs something to set it into motion. For Orange County Waste and Recycling, the need to increase diversion and promote recycling is what brings programs to life-to change the everyday behaviors of Orange County residents.


United by common objectives of recycling education and sustainable living, OC Waste and Recycling and the Discovery Science Center will launch an environmentally themed exhibit in Santa Ana September 1.


The exhibit, named "Eco Challenge," interactively combines OC Waste and Recycling's mission to protect the environment and promote recycling with Discovery Science Center's ability to merge learning with fun.


The project first began in April 2009, when the County of Orange and the Discovery Science Center developed plans for an exhibit emphasizing the message to "reduce, reuse and recycle." Over the last two years, staff members at OC Waste and Recycling have worked closely with the Discovery Science Center to ensure that the information used in the exhibit reflects the waste management services available in Orange County, from haulers to hazardous waste collection centers.


Through the exhibit, visitors will learn how to modify their behavior to best take care of the earth. OC Waste and Recycling aims to teach visitors to develop environmentally-conscious habits and make eco-friendly choices every day.


Eco Challenge includes three educational activities, each highlighting one aspect of the mission to "reduce, reuse and recycle." By engaging in the challenge stations, participants will learn to develop skills they can apply at home.


In the Discovery Market, guests are given a shopping cart bearing a touch screen monitor and a set of shopping lists. They are then faced with various product options and must choose those with the most environmentally-friendly packaging.


Race to Recycle is an interactive game in which guests learn to distinguish between different forms of waste. The challenge begins when a truck dumps a load of waste materials onto a conveyor belt. Players compete to quickly and accurately sort the materials into four categories: recyclables, hazardous waste, green waste and landfill waste.


Inside the Eco Garage, visitors are challenged to identify household hazardous waste items such as paint, gardening pesticides, motor oil and batteries. The station will encourage guests to identify household hazardous waste in their own homes and dispose of them properly through county services.


Flanking these exhibits are new "green superheroes" characters, developed by the Discovery Science Center to model sustainable behavior to young visitors. These characters aim to inspire visitors to be superheroes too, working daily to save the earth.


OC Waste and Recycling and the Discovery Science Center are eager to introduce Eco Challenge and are enthusiastic about the effort to bring sustainable practices into execution, both in the local community and beyond.    


The Discovery Science Center is located at:

2500 North Main Street

Santa Ana, CA 92705


PHONE: 714-542-2823


Southern California SWANA Workshop

Southern California SWANA Founding Chapter Workshop

January 26, 2012

Dave and Busters
4821 Mills Circle
Ontario, CA 91764


Topics Include:


"The Daunting Challenge of How to stop Scavengers",
presented by,
Daniel Hackney,  Environmental supervisor, City of Los Angeles

"Trees versus Grassy Vegetation in a Monolithic Final Cover",
presented by,
Mick Williams, PE Registered civil engineer Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.  


 "Design/Build Delivery of Waste Industry Facilities"
presented by, 

Bill Higginbotham, P.E., LEED Accredited Professional,  President/CEOET Environmental Corporation,LLC

Cost:  $50. Members / $60. Non-Members

Time:  10:00am - 1:30pm

Location:  Dave and Buster's
4821 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA  91764
(909) 987-1557


Click here to register! 



Status of Current Priority Bills for CalRecycle
2011 - 2012 Session


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2012 Western Regional Symposium 

The 41st annual SWANA Western Regional Solid Waste Symposium and Exposition is being held in Palm Springs at the Palm Springs Hilton Resort.

The Palm Springs Hilton Resort is located just off route 111 on the west side of Palm Springs at 400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, and easily reached by land or air transportation. 

The Palm Springs area is known for fantastic golf courses, excellent restaurants, spectacular views, and great weather.  Make your reservations early to combine professional development along with the beauty and excitement of Palm Springs.  Please click on the links below for more information. 


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