The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair 

May 25, 2012




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Out and About Today at Devon
The weather cleared and the crowds grew as Devon enters Memorial Day Weekend!
The String Band
The String Band entertained the dinner time crowds.

Puppy Face
The horses don't get all the attention.

The Leydens Volunteer
The Leydens volnteer.

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Charlotte Jacobs Wins Ronnie Mutch Equitation Championship

By Nichole Osborne


The A.S.P.C.A. Maclay Horsemanship Class began promptly at seven Friday morning despite drizzle and overcast skies. The course rode well with few stops, rails, or falls. Kelcie Brophy won Section A on the only paint in the class. Lauren Tyree, who was third in Section A of the USEF Talent Search class on Thursday, took second. Abigail Mc Ardle, third in Section B of the USEF Talent Search class, took third. Lillie Keenan, who was second in Section A of the USEF Talent Search, won Section B of the Maclay. Catherine Tyree, third in Section B of USEF, took second in the Maclay and Charlotte Jacobs, who won Section A of the USEF, took third in the Maclay. The sun came out for the duration of Section C, which was won by Meg O'Mara, followed by Rebekah Chenelle, and Shawn Casady (second in Section B of the USEF).


The R.W. "Ronnie" Mutch Equitation Championship was awarded to Charlotte Jacobs for the second consecutive year. The Championship is awarded to the rider who receives the most accrued points in WIHS Equitation, USEF Talent Search, the Pessoa and the Maclay. Jacobs placed third in her Maclay Section B, won USEF Section A and the Pessoa Section C and was fourth in her section of the WIHS Jumper Phase. One more year and she will get to keep that trophy.


Lizzy Traband Performs at Devon


Lizzy Traband and Toby 

Lizzy Traband exudes a quiet confidence and wisdom that belie her age.  At only 14, Traband has spent her entire life around horses.  Her parents bought her first pony, Toby, at auction when she was just three.  The intention was for him to be a show pony, but Toby had other things in mind.  After spending more time on the ground than in the saddle, it became apparent to Traband and her parents that Toby's destiny laid in the performance arena, not the show ring. It's a lesson that Traband took to heart and something that she enjoys sharing with her audience; horses are not unlike people, if you want to get their best, you have to let them do what they are best at, and every horse has something to offer. Traband has been training horses to their fullest potential to the delight of audiences for years.


Traband and her parents live not far from Devon near State College, PA.  The family's Carousel Farm has many horses in training and the extensive travel schedule that they have maintained is now taking a back seat to training.  For the past four years, Traband would make an appearance once a month on average.  As Traband's mother, Annette, explains, "that's a day to pack, a day to travel, time at the event, etc."  So much time was spent on the road that Traband took cyber classes to keep on top of her school work. With appearances cut back to 3 or 4 major shows a year, Traband's focus has now shifted to showing.  She did some jumping for the first time last winter and will also be working on hunting and equitation to see what "fits".  While Traband is very interested in art and architecture she sees herself working with horses as long as "it's the first thing I want to do when I get home."

Traband has four trick performances scheduled for Devon, Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon and evening. 


Tomorrow:  Junior Jumpers, Hunters and Pony Hunter Wrap-Up


Devon Horse Show and Country Fair

 May 24 - June 3, 2012

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