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May 3, 2011



 A Look Back at Devon    


Nursing at

Bryn Mawr Hosptial

In keeping with the Ladies Day theme of this newsletter, we are taking a look back at the BMH School of Nursing founded in 1905.


In 1904, Miss Eleanor Wood, Head Nurse, and thereby chief administrator of Bryn Mawr Hospital decided to admit a few nurses for training.  Up until this point, BMH had been staffed by "house nurses" who rotated through for a period of 6 to 12 months.    

BMH Nursing Graduates

The First Graduating Class BMH School of Nursing, 1908 


Nurses were reponsible for their own uniforms, so many subtle variations existed.  The constant was the Bryn Mawr cap.   


Miss Gretchen Nelson, Class of 1933

Miss Gretchen Nelson, Class of 1933


Nursing shifts through the 20s and 30s were 12 hours long.  It was not uncommon for a nursing student to work the 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., and be scheduled for classes from 9-10 a.m., 1-2 p.m. and 4-5 p.m., and be back on duty at 7 pm .


BMH Nurses, circa 1940

BMH Nurses, circa 1940

In the 1940s, in an effort to attract married women to nursing, the shift length was reduced to 8 hours.   Prior to WWII, nurses were assigned wherever they were need most.  In 1950, Miss Edna Scott became the Educational Director and in 1953, the Director of Nursing.  Student welfare was a high priority for her.  It was under her tenure that the uniform went from black stockings and shoes to white.  Student organizations such as a student govenment, glee club and a basketball team were formed.  

Nurses Basketball Team, 1948

BMH Nurses Basketball Team, 1948

It was also under Miss Scott's tenure that nursing reponsibilites were spread over a wide varities of speicalizations. 


Surgical Nurses, circa 1950

Surgical Nurses, circa 1950s


As the hospital continued to grow over the next few decades, space  became more and more scarce until the only space available for expansion was the nursing school.   In June of 1989, the Bryn Mawr School of Nursing graduated its last class.  



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Brenda Carpenter 

Bryn Mawr Hospital Archive

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Archive

James Leslie Parker

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Ladies Day at Devon
Ladies Day 
Wednesday, June 1
Ladies will rule the day, beginning with the traditional elegance of the Hat Contest, followed by an informal showing of Lilly Pulitzer fashions and  Side Saddle classes throughout the afternoon and evening.
The Devon Hat Contest:  A Millinery Marvel
Black and White Ensemble

This much anticipated annual event continues to attract fans of fanciful millinery from across the area.  This year's categories are:  Mad Hatter, for those who like to get a little wild and whacky in their choice of headwear.  Magnificient Milliners, reserved for those of the trade, and Most Lilly...need we say more.  The event begins with registration at the Pavilion at 10 a.m,, followed by a stroll along the promenade route passing the judges.

Speaking of judges, we have quite the assemblage this year: Carson Kressley, Your OWN Show and long-time competitor; Lillian Vasquez, The Nate Berkus Show; Carmelita Martell, Carmelita Couture;   John Wind, Maximal Art ; Caroline O'Halloran; Brenda Waites Boling, Milliner Shops at the Plaza; Ginder Fries; and Lisa DiCaprio and Darci Henry of Kiss and Makeup.


Pink Floral Hat

Patrick Champalou of Cartier, sponsor of the Hat Contest, says, "We are delighted to be involved with Devon and in particular the Hat Contest!"  Cartier has been supporting the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair for several years, and this year is a major sponsor of both the Hat Contest and First Night at Devon.

During the Hat Contest, Kiss and Makeup will be offering makeup presentations and quick touch-ups. History buffs wll be treated to two photographic histories.  One, presented by the Devon Historical Committee in conjunction with the Treddyfryn/Easttown Historical Society, shows the elegance of Ladies Day as far back as 1919.  The other, presented by Bryn Mawr Hospital is "Nursing Through the Age" and will focus on uniforms of days gone by.
Side Saddle:Keeping the Tradition Alive
Did you ever wonder how riders stay on when riding side saddle?  In addition to good balance and form, they have Jules Pellier to thank for his development of a specially designed saddle back in the 1830s. Pellier invented a saddle with a second pommel, known as a "leaping horn", and one stirrup that allowed women to ride while wearing skirts and other fine clothing.  While riding side saddle dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, it is Pellier's saddle design that allowed for increased security and movement and opened the door for women to participate in nearly all riding disciplines, including fox hunting and show jumping.  The side saddle world record was set in 1915 at 6'6"!

The tradition continues here at Devon with the side saddle hunter hack and over fences classes in the afternoon and the under saddle and championship

Penny Denegre and Garnet

Penny Denegre and Garnet

classes that evening.  Returning to Devon to defend their championship are Penny Denegre and her mare Garnet.  Garnet is a twelve year old Hanoverian whom Penny has owned since she was four.  Garnet began her career in the hunter ring, showing successfully in the baby greens.  Penny and Garnet have competed in the amateur owner division and Garnet has even shown in the second year greens.  It was Garnet's beauty, quiet nature, great manners and winning hunter movement that led Penny to believe she would make a great side saddle mount.

When asked if riding side saddle was difficult to learn, Penny reports that, "with the right mount, riding on the flat quickly became second nature and it was the jumping that took more getting used to."  Penny was given her own side saddle as a gift from her mother upon her graduation from college.  Most of these saddles are antiques and are difficult to come by.  Side saddle is the only remaining hunter division with appointments, and one that remains true to its roots in the hunt field.  Penny is looking forward to returning to Devon this year, and helping to keep this division, with its rich history and tradition alive. 
Celebrate Summer with Lilly Pulitzer at Devon

Lilly returns to Ladies Day at Devon!  Lilly Pulitzer will be hosting an informal fashion show and luncheon from 2 - 4 in the Pavilion.  Come decked out in your Lilly (or louder) and get a peak at the new summer collection.  Admission is free, but seating at the luncheon is limited to 100. Please visit our website in the coming days for all the details.

Lilly Event



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