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ISSUE 22                                                    JUNE 2012

A Note from the Director                                     

Director PicFive years ago, I met Jeff, a 7 year-old boy who was admitted to the CBH program.  During the first few camp weekends and throughout the first summer, Jeff often ended up in my office.  Once it was for hitting a counselor with a stick, and once it was for bullying a whole room full of boys at night after lights out.


After the first week at camp, I finally struck a deal with Jeff.  If he could get through each day without any problems, I would spend 20 minutes with him walking along the bay after dinner.  Jeff had an insatiable curiosity for sea life and inevitably he would end up running through the shallow water chasing sea creatures.


It was during these walks in the first few weeks at camp that we gained insight into who Jeff was.  He was being pulled between a mother and a father who were divorcing, fighting, and not paying attention to him.  He had some serious neurological issues but since his family had no health insurance, and struggled to make ends meet, there were few resources to identify and address his challenges. 


Several times I found myself wondering how he would ever face his challenges and how he would become "effective in his family and community," as is mandated by our mission. 

I will never forget the time his case manager danced into my office telling me that she had just completed a 3 hour meeting at Jeff's school regarding Jeff and his performance and it was all POSITIVE!!  To make the day even better, after the meeting, Jeff asked if he could ride home with "Ms. Laura" which was a significant step of trust and confidence.  I quickly reminisced of our walks on the bay and of Jeff's energy and excitement.


Now, at age 12, Jeff faces the pressures of adolescence and the transition to middle school.  He continues to have a tough road ahead of him, but he faces it with a stronger family structure, good medical and therapeutic care, and several key champions within CBH.  He is on his way to being a CBH success story. 


This is not just a warm and fuzzy story.  Our success with Jeff, and any other success we may have, has to do with a very carefully structured program - flexible enough to meet the variety of our children's needs.  The research provides a road map.  It boldly and simply states that children thrive when families are strong and when there are competent, caring adults in long-term relationships with them.  


Jennifer Clement, Director of CBH's Delaware Center for Youth Development (DCYD), and New Castle County Case Manager Laura Beasley, hosted a college preparedness workshop for some of our "Senior" program participants on Thursday, June 14th, at the Community Services Building in Wilmington.   The premise of the workshop was to prepare our older youth and their parents / guardians for the college application process as they approach high school graduation in the coming years.  

Attendees sought to answer a variety of questions:

  • What is the difference between and grant and a loan?
  • What can I expect during the admissions process?
  • Where can I find out what materials I'll need to complete an application?
  • How can I generate a timeline to ensure that I submit my application on time?

Before the night was through, youth and their families were asked to spend time thinking about the following:


  • Which 3 schools are most appealing as you consider post-secondary education?
  • How will you prepare for the SAT / ACT Exams?
  • Who will you solicit for positive recommendations?
  • Who will you speak with to learn more about college opportunities in your high school?


 "This was our first time hosting a college prep workshop," said Laura Beasley.   "We developed this session as a response to one parent's concern regarding the lack of attention and information available when it comes to college guidance and children with special needs."  One very important goal of CBH and the DCYD is to provide opportunities and resources for each of our children and youth so that they might reach their fullest potential in both family and community settings.  Toward that end, we look forward to hosting this and other similar workshops on a regular basis to cover topics like application essay writing and getting the most from a campus visit.

Our mission is to help children reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and communities. And in the Pool Picprocess, they have lots of fun!
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