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September, 2012

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  Gold edition v5.5
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Dear ,

We are pleased to announce that free updates for our current versions, version 4.x and version 5.x (Gold edition) are now available. Just open your Thayer Birding program and click on Check For Updates. (You will need to do this TWICE. The first update takes about a minute to download and install while the second may take up to ten minutes.)


After downloading and installing the free updates you will be running version 4.5.1 or version 5.5.1. 


Here are step-by-step instructions for this download.


Here is a list of all past updates for our software.

If you have older versions (version 3.9.8 or earlier), these free updates are not applicable to you. But you can get the latest version of our software at www.OnlineNatureMall.com

During checkout be sure to enter the promotional code LOYAL to get the 10% loyal-customer discount.
Changes in this Free Update
43 new photos were added from Jeff Jones and from winners in our latest Photo Contest at www.Facebook.com/ThayerBirdingSoftware

Over 125 changes to state and province checklists were made

Six new animated range maps were added

Xantus's Murrelet was split into Scripps's Murrelet and Guadalupe Murrelet

Falcons and Parrots were moved to the very end of the non-Passeriformes and now appear after Woodpeckers (!!)

The Hummingbirds and Wrens have been rearranged in a new sort order

13 birds have new genus or species names.

We also made changes to improve the Program:
Each State/Province DVD now has a built-in Custom List

Song and Photo exports to iTunes can now show bird names in one of four different languages

For Mac computers:
ID Wizard - Clearing all sections now also clears Family selections

Side-by-side Comparison - Making changes to both sides of the screen now works better

Changes in the Gold Edition
In addition to all the changes mentioned above, version 5.5.1 (Gold edition) includes the following changes:
When creating your own quizzes (on ANYTHING) in the Manage My Quizzes section, you can import your own photos and songs. This allows you to make quizzes on Butterflies, Birds of Costa Rica, Wildflowers or even People! Now, rather than just being able to add two photos for each Thing, you can add up to four photos. Each time you take a quiz the computer will select one photo at random, for an even tougher challenge.

In the Manage My Quizzes section you can now compare two photos Side-by-Side by clicking the new Compare icon. You may also limit the photos you are comparing to just one Category (i.e. Birds of Australia) or to just one Quiz (i.e. Birds of Sydney).


This shows a side-by-side comparison of two birds from Australia: Spotted Pardalote and Forty-spotted Pardalote. This feature is now available in the Gold edition v5.5.1
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Pete Thayer, President
Thayer Birding Software