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June, 2012


Attention photographers... WildBirds.com and Thayer Birding Software have created a new

Photo Contest! The winner will have their photo appear in Thayer's Birds of North America DVD alongside photos from the top nature photographers in the world. You will also win some great prizes.


Entries should be high-resolution jpg images that are 1024x674 or 674x1024 pixels in size.


When submitting a photo you will be asked to include your full name (as you want it to appear in the software) as well as a complete description of the bird (including species name, plumage, sex, etc).  


Winners agree to let us use their photo in our software and to use the photo to promote Thayer Birding Software DVDs and their web sites.  


Vote on your favorite photos each day. Have all your friends vote as well! The two highest vote-getters will each receive a free Birds of North America v4.5 DVD or Gold edition v5.5 DVD - your choice.


The winning photo will be selected by the staff of Thayer Birding Software. There may be more than one winner. If your photograph is selected to be included in the DVD you will receive three copies of the DVD (a $300 value).


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 Brazil's Marcelo Padua
Bird Guide Extraordinaire

Marcelo Padua


I first met Marcelo on the Field Guides Rio Negro/Manaus Tour in September 2010. He was helping Bret Whitney, the legendary guide with the magic ears, to who has discovered over a dozen new birds in Brazil! After seriously birding for over 20 years, this was the first time I had ever met Bret! To put things in perspective - I had to sign up for this tour three years ahead of time in order to reserve a spot. I had heard that his co-leader on this trip would be a young man named Marcelo and that past tour participants seemed to like him a lot. 


I was so impressed with the way the two of them worked together helping us find the birds that I signed up for another Field Guides tour with them in February, 2012: Northeast Brazil: West to the Araguaia. Towards the end of the trip I had a chance to corner Marcelo for a while and listen to his fascinating story.
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Father's Day is June 17th
Finding the Perfect Nature Gift for Him


There are about 10,000 items in the Online Nature Mall and the most popular items for Father's Day have been our Squirrel-proof Bird Feeders.

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For a really big surprise, consider a new binocular. The huge improvements in optic quality, special coatings and optic design in the past five years is simply amazing. We strongly recommed a binocular with either 8 or 10 power for birding. Here are my recommendations.

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