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June, 2012

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Thayer Birding Software has a new Facebook page!
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Our Facebook page just added a new Photo Contest open to everyone. The winner will have their photo included in the September 2012 update and in all future DVDs. Check it out and vote on your favorite. The top vote-getters will receive great prizes!

In addition, Petey the Parrot has been posting his Tip of the Day. He has some great ideas about getting even more out of the software. He loves to hear how you are using the birding software and is anxious to help you if you have a question or get stuck!

We have also posted some interesting articles as well -- like the one about Falcons being released at the French Open Tennis Tournament this week in order to scare away the Pigeons!
Facebook recently added a new Timeline feature. You can click on a year and see when each version of our software was released. Past Newsletters are also available on the Timeline. 1994 was an especially eventful year for us!
Finally, check out our eight app buttons (click the arrow to the right of the Photo Contest button to see them all). Be sure to click the Photos button on our Facebook page and take a look at 52 of the amazing images that appear in our birding DVDs.
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  New Species Were Added to Each DVD

Final Reminder:
Free Updates are available for version 4.0 and version 5.0.

Just open your program and click Check for Updates. (Do this TWICE - when successful you will be running version 4.5 or version 5.5)

First of all, we added over 600 new images showing bird's eggs and nests. We were able to obtain these from The Chicago Academy of Sciences and its Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Eastern Kingbird egg
Eastern Kingbird Egg
Emperor Goose nest
Emperor Goose Nest and Eggs

The Gold edition version 5.5 added 12 new species that have recently been seen in North America. Caribbean Elaenia is being removed -- the scientists at the American Ornithologists' Union have determined that this sighting was probably a White-crested Elaneia.  This will bring the total number of species included in the Gold edition up to 970. 

Birds of North America version 4.5 added 53 new species (and deleted 2), bringing the total to 753. We have decided to include all the common, uncommon, rare and extinct species in this DVD. Over 50 rare birds had previously been excluded. The very rare and accidental birds that have been seen just a few times (or once!) in North America are all in the Gold edition.

Birds of My State or Province version 4.5 will now include all birds on a state or province's checklist (unless a bird has been seen only a few times in all of North America.) Current versions of this DVD now include the 300 most common birds for each area. This change will result in a significant increase in species for most states and provinces -- over 150 additional birds in some cases!

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2011 Birder of the Year Bonnie Clarfield-Bylin

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