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December, 2011

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Dear ,

We thought you might like to know that we are working on a major update to all three current versions of our software. We hope to have these free updates ready by late February, 2012.

If you don't have version 4 or the Gold edition yet, click on one of the versions shown on the left to order. Be sure to enter the word LOYAL in the promotional box during checkout to receive the 10% loyal-customer discount.

First of all, we expect to be adding over 700 new images showing bird's eggs and nests. We were able to obtain these from The Chicago Academy of Sciences and its Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Eastern Kingbird egg
Eastern Kingbird egg
Emperor Goose nest
Emperor Goose Nest and eggs


More Birds !!
  New Species Are Being Added to Each DVD

The Gold edition version 5.5 will be adding 12 new species that have recently been seen in North America. Caribbean Elaenia is being removed -- the scientists at the American Ornithologists' Union have determined that this sighting was probably a White-crested Elaneia.  This will bring the total number of species included in the Gold edition up to 970. 

Birds of North America version 4.5 will be adding 53 new species (and deleting 2), bringing the total to 753. We have decided to include all the common, uncommon, rare and extinct species in this DVD. Over 50 rare birds had previously been excluded. The very rare and accidental birds that have been seen just a few times (or once!) in North Ameica are all in the Gold edition.

Birds of My State or Province version 4.5 will now include all birds on a state or province's checklist (unless a bird has been seen only a few times in all of North America.) Current versions of this DVD now include the 300 most common birds for each area. This change will result in a significant increase in species for most states and provinces -- over 150 additional birds in some cases!
Additional Improvements
  Quiz Changes and Updated Range Maps 

1. Some of the rare species and most of the very rare and accidental species have new range maps that pinpoint where the bird has been seen in North America.
2. Quizzes are now available for everyone that let you look at range maps as the clue. I really like the "Pick One" quiz that displays four range maps. You can also now run quizzes that let you show the band code as the quiz answer.

Range Map Quiz
Pick One Range Map Quiz

3. We have added links to the amazing eBird animated range maps. They currently have over 50 species completed. We will be expanding this feature in the future as they add more maps.
Here is an example: Palm Warbler Occurrence Map

4. The Installation Program has been tweeked so that it is better able to install on computers set to a language other than English. We know our friends in Quebec will be pleased with this!

5. Sightings entries for multiple birds are now much easier.

New DVDs Being Printed
  Version 4.5 and Gold version 5.5 DVDs Coming in 2012 

Once we release these free updates (just for those with version 4 or the version 5 Gold edition), we will be printing new DVDs and making slight changes to our cover design to tell folks all about the new features.

When this happens in early 2012 we will be keeping the price the same for the Gold edition but we will be raising the prices for the North America v4.5 DVD and the My State/Province v4.5 DVD.

Of course anyone with a version 4.0 or Gold edition version 5.0 DVD will be able to download all of these additional photos and birds for free! So my recommendation is that now would be a great time to tell all your friends about this (or just buy it for them for Christmas.) That way they get the current version at the lower price and they can download the free update in early 2012.

If you have version 3.9, 3.5 or an even earlier version, get the current version to take advantage of this great deal. Enter the word LOYAL in the promotional box during checkout to receive the loyal-customer discount. This discount will apply to all copies of the Thayer Birding Software you purchase.

We understand that some of you live in remote areas where Internet bandwidth is limited and a large download like this will not be possible. If you would rather have us mail you the new DVD disc in early 2012, you will be able to do this for a small charge. More information will be provided when the update is released.
Birding is fun, and the more you know, the more fun it becomes. Learn more about birds. Become the local bird expert! Visit WildBirds.com for great information on birds.
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Good birding,

Pete Thayer, President
Thayer Birding Software