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December 2010

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Gold Edition
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Happy Holidays from all of us at Thayer Birding Software!

For those of you who have exported your bird songs into your iPod or iPhone, the first article below contains some very exciting news!

The other big news here is that we have moved to a new location (a mile down the road). Our new address is:

Thayer Birding Software
12650 Colliers Reserve Drive
Naples, FL 34110

Phone numbers, emails and web addresses remain the same.
Export Songs to Your iPhone or iPod
Your iPod Can Play Over 700 Bird Songs - With Photos!
It is very easy to export the songs from your Thayer Birding Software onto your iPod so that you can play these songs out in the field. 

Start by creating a Custom List of the bird songs you want to hear. Then click File>Prepare for iPod/MP3 Player...  (Mac users can just click "Prepare for iPod".) The program will ask you for the location of the folder you want. Click the browse button (...) and select the Make New Folder button. Name it something like TBS Birds. The program will copy the bird songs to this new folder.

At this point all you need to do is open iTunes and drag and drop the TBS Birds folder into your Library. Then make a new playlist (or multiple playlists) and drag and drop the bird songs into the appropriate playlist. Finally, just synch your iPod and you are ready to go!

We are aware that there is a bug in Apple's iTunes that occurs when exporting into iPod if your playlist includes all 700+ birds. We have just posted a work-around for this issue that you can use until Apples fixes their bug in the iTunes program.
Have You Gotten Your Free Updates yet? 
Free Updates for Version 4 and the Gold edition
Free updates were created a few months ago for all three of our birding DVDs. These include the Gold edition (version 5), Birds of North America version 4 and Birds of My State or Province version 4. If you did not yet download them, you may want to do it now.

After downloading and installing these free updates, you will be running version 5.0.3 or version 4.0.1.

To get these free updates, simply open your birding program and click on "Check For Updates." Click here for details on how to do this. (You need to do this step twice.)

The updates add a number of minor features to all three programs. In addition, the Gold edition now includes a few special features we created for version 4.

These free updates also make a number of changes to the bird taxonomy. A few groups of birds, like the Longspurs, have been moved around in the checklist while others have been placed in entirely new Orders or Families! Also, two birds were split. The Whip-poor-will is now Eastern Whip-poor-will and Mexican Whip-poor-will. Winter Wren is now Pacific Wren and Winter Wren.

All changes match those suggested by the American Ornithologists' Union in their 51st Supplement. An announcement in the Forums section of ThayerBirding.com summarizes these changes and explains their impact on your birding program.

It is important to note that you will need to check for updates TWICE. The first download and installation is rather small and the second download and installation is much larger.
Should I Buy The Gold Edition or Version 4?
Gold Edition version 5.0
Gold Edition version 5.0
Why Go Gold?
The Gold Edition is our top-of-the-line DVD and a must-have for every birding library! It includes all features found in the new version 4, but it also includes 957 species and 552 video clips (compared with 700 species and 275 videos in version 4.) So even the very rare and accidental species ever seen in the US and Canada can be found on this amazing Windows DVD. See chart comparing Gold and version 4.

Attention Shutterbugs!
The major difference between the Gold edition and version 4 is the ability to import your own photos, songs and videos. Any media you import will appear throughout the program, showing up on the efield guide page, in quizzes, even in side-by-side comparisons, just as if it had originally been released on the DVD itself!

Gather photos you or your friends took. You might even find photos on the Internet that can be imported (for your own personal use.) The same goes for mp3 or wav sound recordings and mpg video clips.

Not Just for the Birds!
This means your Gold edition can suddenly be used to take quizzes on the Butterflies, Wildflowers, Reptiles and Mammals of your local area -- you can even create a quiz on the birds of Costa Rica or Kenya!

Simply locate images of the species you want to study on the Internet and import them into your Gold edition. Or visit ThayerBirding.com to get free quizzes - check out the currently available quizzes on Hairstreak Butterflies, US Presidents and US States and Capitals. See more>>
Heck, you could even make quizzes displaying people in your class or organization, star constellations or anything else you can think of! Study any topic. Teachers love it!

(For Windows computers - not available for the Mac.) 

Order Gold edition Now >>

Birding is fun and, the more you know, the more fun it becomes. Learn more about birds! Sign up for our other Free Birding Newsletters! 
Good birding,

Pete Thayer
Thayer Birding Software 
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