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Pete Thayer with Kagu in New Caledonia
Pete Thayer with Kagu in New Caledonia (South Pacific) 

People ask me all the time about which binocular is best for them or which feeder will attract the most birds to their yard or which field guide they should buy for a child.

So... here are my suggestions based on 50 years of birding experience and over 15 years as President of Thayer Birding Software and Online Nature Mall.

I have offered some personal suggestions for different groups of folks such as... Kids, Teachers, Casual Birders, Party Hostesses, and Hard-core Birders.

He wants a "Bird-ocular" for Christmas
He wants a "Bird-ocular" for Christmas
3 to 12 Year Olds:

My 3-year old grandson asked for a "bird-ocular" from Santa after I took his 6-year old sister out on her first bird walk. She spotted 12 birds, including Downy Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, Mute Swan and Bufflehead! (I was 40 before I saw my first Bufflehead.)

Kid's Binocular that fits kid's eyes
Field Guide for Beginning Birders (eastern US)
Field Guide for Beginning Birders (western US)
Kid's Nature Guides on many topics
Singing Plush Birds (hug them and they sing!)
Birds of My State DVD for Windows or Mac
Wild Bird Poster - eastern birds on one side, western on the other
Kids Books including our favorite nature books
Nature Jigsaw Puzzle - select your favorite birds
Build a Birdhouse with Mom or Dad
Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder to attract birds
Thistle Seed Feeder to attract Finches
Suet Feeder to attract Woodpeckers
Hummingbird Feeder (for western and southern US in the winter)

For really sturdy bird feeders that will last, try the Droll Yankees line of Feeders.
Gifts For Teacher
Gifts For Teacher

Teachers will actually find these gifts useful.
2011 Calendar featuring nature themes
Casual Birders:
Thistle Feeders
Backyard Thistle Feeder and American Goldfinches

Millions of us love to see the birds come into our yards. For the casual birder, a whole new flock of wild birds can often be attracted by offering the right food. Identifying the birds that appear can also be a challenge!

Vortex Diamondback 10x42 Binocular - a great value!
Attracting Wild Birds - birds want food, water and shelter
Backyard Birding what are those birds you see?
Bird Behavior - there is a reson the birds act like that
Birds of North America DVD - with an ID Wizard!
Hummingbird Feeders - you will want more than one
Seed Feeder to attract a variety of birds
Suet Feeder for the Woodpeckers
Window Feeders - bring them right to you
Squirrels - I love them
Squirrels - I hate them
Local Field Guides for any part of North America

Field Guides by David Sibley and Roger Tory Peterson are very popular. Bird Guides by Ken Kaufmann, Don & Lillian Stokes, National Geographic and Brian Small are also very nice. (No one has just one bird guide!!)  
Holiday Party Hostess:
Holiday Party
Holiday Party Time

Bringing a bottle of wine is not very original. Why not show your appreciation with an interesting gift for your hosts?

Birds of My State DVD - for Windows or Mac
Nice "starter" Bird Feeder for the yard
A Nest of Birds - especially if they have children
New Peterson Bird Field Guide - east
New Peterson Bird Field Guide - west
A New Cookbook they may enjoy

Hard-core Birders:
Pete Thayer in Antarctica with King Penguins
Pete Birding in Antarctica
Some folks have been birding for years. They may even have traveled around the country or overseas to look at birds. Here are some great gift ideas for the "hard-core" birder on your list.
Bird Field Guide for a foreign country they may visit
Birds of Europe was just updated in 2010
Birds of Australia was updated a few months ago
Vortex 8x42 Viper Binocular is an amazing optic!
Where to Find the Birds - something we all want
Bird Reference Books are a welcome addition
Birding Adventures - they are not the only crazy ones!
Cornell Audio CDs - over 45 titles
Birder's Diary World List Program - keep track of evey bird you see!
Gold Edition Birds of North America DVD for Windows - simply amazing!
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