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5 Things All Birds Love
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Recently, scientists have recognized that birds behave differently even if they're the same species. In other words--
Birds have personality!
What makes one bluebird more bold than another? Or, more curious?
How much can be blamed on mommy dearest?*
We know a few things that appeal to birds of every species, regardless of their personality!
Find out what ALL birds on.
 * National Wildlife's, Birds:They've Got Personality, reveals new findings.
AllBirdsLove# 1  Every bird loves a refreshing bath!
Mosaic Hummingbird Bath
It's fun to watch birds splish splash! This beautiful Tiffany Style
Hummingbird Birdbath in an art glass
motif is perfect to brighten your deck, patio, or garden. See more.
Bird Raft
Bird baths
Tired of watering the plants in this hot weather? Turn that simple garden pot into a water feature for the birds, or easily make a deep bowl birdbath shallow.
The raft floats....exposing just the right amount of water for birds to use! 
# 2 All birds love a little romance!
Romantic Getaway
Spice up your yard with this romantic cottage. Common nesting birds such as wrens, finches and chickadees will appreciate the comforts of this functional birdhouse. A removable back wall and a pine shingled roof are just some of the features.
Lend a hand!
Backyard Birds
Birds need more than food and water--they need to feel safe. Anyone who appreciates wild birds knows that they  need our help. This guide shows bird-lovers what they can do. Find out if your yard is safe for birds to raise a family.
First Crooners!
Bird Songs
The Singing Life of Birds is  fascinating for anyone wanting to understand the hidden dramas unfolding in their own backyard. The book includes a CD with recordings carefully chosen to illustrate how, when, why, and where birds sing.
# 3 Every bird loves fine dining at a nice  place!
Attract More Birds!
Attract birds
You'll love the full-color photographs in The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible of the most popular feeder birds. Enjoy projects for making feeders, food mixtures, and food crafts, such as
birdseed wreaths. 
Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly
Attract birds
Trees, Shrubs and Vines for Attracting Birds 
"If you find too few birds turning up at your backyard . . . [this] is the book you need."
-Adirondack Life
Birds Love Worms!
Meal Worms
100% perservative & additive free Whole Dried Mealworms. High in protein, fat, and potassium.  to ensure an excellent, high quality nutritional and dietetic food for wild birds.
Universal Seed Tray
Seed Tray
Every fine dining establishment knows
it's costly to waste food. This Universal Seed Tray has a large platform with screws.
 Tip: Save more--Keep
seed fresh. The 32 Oz. Seed Container is easy to fill & pour. You'll wonder why you didn't get this sooner!
# 4 Birds Love To Show Off!
The difference a good binouclar makes!
Stokes Binoculars
Whether trying to atttract a mate or defending their turf with amazing aerial displays...Birds love to show off. And, we love to watch them! Learn what makes one binouclar $59 and another $1,500, and buy the best binocular for you.
 Get kids interested in Nature with their own colorful binocular!
Summer Project Idea: Download a checklist of local birds and track how many you see! You can also record the birds you see using Thayer Birding Software or the premier listing program,  Birder's Diary.
# 5 All Birds Want To Be Protected...
Everything You Need For Birding Fun!
 Just $29.95
Education is the Best Conservation!
Why turn page after page in a field guide book trying to figure out what bird you saw? Thayer Birding Software makes learning about birds fun and easy.
  • Quickly identify unknown birds with the Identification Wizard
  • Download songs & photos to your iPhone/iPod/MP3 player
  • Hundreds of Fun Quizzes and Action videos make learning fun
  • Top quality photos from the best nature photographers
  • Crystal-clear songs from world-renown Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • And much, much more!
Learn more about protecting birds at
Help the birds in the gulf. The National Wildlife Federation is organizing cleanup teams and accepting donations to help the birds. Learn more>>