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May 2010

New for Windows and Mac!
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Dear Fellow Birder

We are very happy to announce that the new version 4 of our birding software is now available. This new DVD disc works on OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.4 (Tiger). It also works on Windows 7, Vista and XP.
Thayer Birding Software version 4

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Do You Have an Earlier Windows Version?
Get the new version 4 for 20% off
If you currently own the Windows version of any Thayer title, you can save 20% for the next 90 days when you buy the new version 4. It does not matter what version you currently own. This is the perfect time to upgrade that obsolete software!
"When I'm asked if you should upgrade to the newest version 4 I say absolutely! All the new features make it world class birding software."  ...Pete Thayer
Simply visit OnlineNatureMall.com and enter the promotional code  ROBIN  during checkout. This is a limited time offer.
Do You Have an Earlier Mac Version?
Get Snow Leopard Compatible for Just $15!
If you currently own the Mac version of Guide to Birds of North America or Birds of Canada or Birds of My State, we will send you the new version 4 that runs on Snow Leopard. Please mail us your old Mac disc and $15. This is a limited time offer. Be sure to include your return mailing address! 
Mail to:

Mac v4 Swap
Thayer Birding Software
809 Walkerbilt Road, Suite #4 
Naples, FL 34110
Please send us JUST the Mac disc. Do NOT send the plastic case. Keep the plastic case with your license key. You will need that license key to install the new disc. This offer is not for Windows discs.
This offer expires on June 30, 2010
v4Changes in the New Version 4.0
Version 4  -  Even More Features
  • Version 4 installs on Snow Leopard as well as on Windows 7 64-bit computers.

  •  Detailed Range Maps now display the wintering ranges in Cental and South America as well as state and province outlines and major rivers.
    See more>>.

  • More video clips are included showing bird behavior. Instead of 90 videos, there are now 275 videos..

  • ID Wizard now features a primary and a secondary view in the Photo Gallery. Rather than just displaying images of males in breeding plumage, see a second image showing females, immatures or birds in flight.
    See more>>.

  • Banding Codes are displayed for each species.
  • It is easier to find a bird. The Guide to Birds of North America now shows the 700 common, uncommon and rare birds seen in the continental US and Canada. Very rare and accidental birds have been moved to the Gold edition. .

  • Bird names have been updated to reflect the most recent taxonomic changes by the American Ornithologist's Union..

  • Screen Savers can now be created easily on Mac as well as Windows computers.

  • The Electronic Help Manual included with the software has been expanded. Both Windows and Mac instructions (where different) are now both available. The web-based FAQ/Knowledgebase has also been expanded..

  • One DVD will install the birding program on both Windows and Mac computers. So you do not need to buy a new disc if you change computers..

 See a graphical comparison
 of all version's features.

See which species are included in version 4.
Should I Buy The Gold Edition or Version 4?
Gold Edition version 5.0
Gold Edition version 5.0
Why Go Gold?
The Gold edition is our top-of-the-line DVD and a must-have for every birding library! It includes all features found in the new version 4, but it also includes 957 species and 552 video clips (compared with 700 species and 275 videos in version 4.) So even the very rare and accidental species ever seen in the US and Canada can be found on this amazing Windows DVD.
Shutterbugs et al 
The major difference between the Gold edition and version 4 is the ability to import your own photos, songs and videos. Any media you import will appear throughout the program, showing up on the efield guide page, in quizzes, even in side-by-side comparisons, just as if it had originally been released on the DVD itself!
Gather photos you or your friends took. You might even find photos on the Internet that can be imported (for your own personal use.) The same goes for mp3 or wav sound recordings and mpg video clips.
Not Just for the Birds!
This means your Gold edition can suddenly be used to take quizzes on the Butterflies, Wildflowers, Reptiles and Mammals of your local area -- you can even create a quiz on the birds of Costa Rica or Kenya!
Simply locate images of the species you want to study on the Internet and import them into your Gold edition. Or visit ThayerBirding.com to get free quizzes - check out the currently available quizzes on Hairstreak Butterflies, US Presidents and US States and Capitals. See more>>
Heck, you could even make quizzes displaying people in your class or organization, star constellations or anything else you can think of! Study any topic. Teachers love it!
(For Windows computers - not available for the Mac.) 

Order Gold edition Now >>
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Good birding,

Pete Thayer
Thayer Birding Software 
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Birds of
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Limited Time Offer
Save 20% when you buy the new version 4 birding software at OnlineNatureMall.com.
At checkout, simply enter the promotional code:  Robin

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