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April 2010

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64-bit Computer?
Snow Leopard
When Did You Start Birding?
How to Learn the Songs
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Dear Fellow Birder
After one of the worst winters in history, we're all ready for the sounds of spring. But, will you be able to recognize the birds you hear?  Time for a refresher course! Thayer Birding Software can help. Read more in this issue.
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Do You Have a Windows 64-bit Computer?
3-Tube Finch FeederDo You Have Windows version 3.9.0 of Guide to Birds of North America or Birds of My State?

If you currently own a Guide to Birds of North America or Birds of My State Windows version 3.9.0, and you have not been able to install the Free Download to be 64-bit compatible, then you are eligible for a Free Replacement disk. Send your disk and License Key number (found inside the case) to our mailing address. A new disk will be sent to you that will run on your 64-bit computer.
Not sure if you have a Windows 64-bit computer? Click Here to see how to find out.
Snow Leopard - Version 4.0 in Final Beta Testing
Version 4.0 Runs on Mac's Snow Leopard!
We are aiming for an early May, 2010 release of our new version 4.0. This DVD will run on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) as well as 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.4 (Tiger). In addition, the same DVD will run on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.
The new version 4.0 Birds of North America will include 700 species and the Birds of My State/Province edition will include 300 species. The very rare and accidental species have been moved to the Gold edition.
The North America version 4.0 has more videos--there are now 275, up from just 95 videos. We have also improved the Range Maps to show more detail and include distributions to Central and South America. The ID Wizard will include a secondary view that displays female and immature plumages.  Read more in Pete Thayer's blog.
Our next Newsletter will include full details on how to get the new version.
When Did You Start Birding?
How Old Were You?   Take our Survey! 
Do you remember when you first started looking at birds?
Take our survey and tell us the age at which you started birding.
learnthebirdsongsLearning the Songs, Calls and Chip Notes
Colombia Bird Quiz
Thayer can help...
What's the difference between a call and a song? The classic reference, The Birder's Handbook (included on every Thayer Birding Software title), tells us the difference is in length and complexity. 
Calls serve a function and are innate rather than learned. For instance, an alarm call alerts all birds within hearing distance that a danger is present. Calls can be between individuals of the same species or even cross-species. 
A song, however, is longer and more complex and is partly or completely learned.
Thayer Birding Software version 3.9 and the Gold Edition provide multiple opportunities to help you learn to recognize a bird without even seeing it!
  1. You can download songs and photos to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player.
  2. The Identification Wizard allows you to choose from 14 types of sounds in 4 different patterns to identify a bird you've heard.
  3. Fun quizzes can be played with just the picture, picture and sound or just the sound.
  4. Thayer is the only software on the market that includes a spectrogram of each bird's song.
iPod1. Download To An iPod, iPhone or MP3 Player
You can create "playlists" and arrange the songs in any way you like to download to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player. You can then play back the songs through earphones or through an external speaker. Watch a video tutorial to learn how.
Tip: If you want to repeat one bird song on your iPod over and over till you've learned it, follow these steps:
  1. Press the Menu button on the top of the click wheel until "iPod" appears on the top line
  2. Scroll down and select Setting
  3. Scroll down and select Repeat
  4. Press the center of the click wheel until "One" appears to the right
The song will play until you manually move on to another song.
Identify2. Identify That Bird Without Seeing It!
Thayer's ID Wizard offers 14 different songs to choose including: whistles, trills, squawks, squeeks, screams, chirps, chatters and more. It also allows you to select from 4 patterns such as rising or sing-song.
Was that a squawk or a squeek?   
When you're in the ID Wizard and you click a descriptive button (shown above), you'll hear a sample of that sound; click again for second sample.
Quizzes3. Quizzes Make Learning Fun
Fun Quizzes
When using the Quiz Wizard, be sure the Media selection is set on Pictures and Sound or just Sound to easily learn the calls. 
Sonogram4. See It To Remember It
Thayer Software provides a spectrogram for each song, a visual representation of the sound and a very useful tool in learning about vocalizations, revealing subtle differences in sound that are difficult to distinguish by ear.
Get the Gold: If you enjoy learning about bird sounds, consider recording the sounds you hear. Folks with the Gold Edition can import a recording into the program, have it appear on the eField Guide page and even see its own spectrogram!
Save Now on the Gold Edition. Click to learn how! 
Birding is fun and, the more you know, the more fun it becomes. Learn more about birds! Sign up for our other Free Birding Newsletters! 
Good birding,

Pete Thayer
Thayer Birding Software 
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