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January 2010
Don't let blustery weather stop you from celebrating these nature lovers' holidays!
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January 10th: Save the Eagles Day
Eagle Fact: Bald Eagles build nests in big, old, hardwood trees. They return to the same nest year after year and add on to it, resulting in one nest in Florida measuring twenty feet deep and 9 feet wide, weighing almost 6,000 pounds!
Noted experts, the Suttons, introduce raptor basics while focusing on two dozen hawks and eagles that can be found in North America, with detailed descriptions, photos and range maps.
  Eagles    Eagles   Eagles
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January 20th: Penguin Awareness Day
 Penguin Fact:Despite having no knees and quite a waddle, penguins can walk faster than human beings!
The acclaimed movie, March of the Penguins, showcased these flightless birds, while this book documents the extraordinary life cyles of these beautiful birds in the harshest environments imaginable.
Penguins    Push Pins     KidsBooks
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January 21st: Squirrel Appreciation Day
Squirrel Fact: Did you know that a squirrel's teeth never stop growing? Their incisors will grow six inches per year but remain short due to the wear they receive.
Squirrel fun! The squirrel's weight causes the feeder to rotate. It swings and the hungry acrobats try to grab a bite to eat. Attach an ear of corn, fruit or peanut butter and watch the fun! 
   Squirrels     Squirrels     Squirrels
     Squirrels          Squirrel Wars DVD      Thermometer
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Warm-up a
 Cold Day! 
Now coffee lovers can make delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts, and classy coffee martinis year-round using simple techniques with gourmet results in this indispensable coffee guide and cookbook.
With over 100 easy-to-make coffee drinks, it  is the ultimate how-to handbook for the 111 million coffee drinkers in North America.
Hazlenut Ground Coffee
 Purchasing Song Bird Shade Grown Coffee helps fund American Birding Association programs. And, no need to sacrifice taste to save the planet! Coffee grown in its natural environment translates into the best taste for you.
If you can't beat 'em, join ' a cup of joe that is!
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