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Best of 2009

   2009 Holiday eCatalog

Thayer Birding Software Wins!'s top seller in 2009 was Guide to Birds of North America for Windows or Mac by Thayer Birding Software. A close second was their newest release, Birds of North America Gold Edition for Windows. Called "a must-have for every birding library," the Gold Edition is also, dollar for dollar, the best value on the market.Compare the two to decide which is right for you.

# 1 Favorites                         

# 1 Birding Program
3-Tube Finch Feeder
Thayer Birding Software's Guide to Birds of North America for Mac & Windows includes 927 birds found in the US & Canada. At home or in the field, this interactive field guide is birding at its best! Hundreds of photos, songs and fun quizzes make learning easy. Zoom in for startling close-ups and compare photos and songs side-by-side for easy identification. Create a fun quiz of local birds or take one of the hundreds of quizzes included. You can even keep a list of the birds you see!
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#1 Favorite Gift
Gift Certificates
is everyone's favorite give and receive!
 Top 5 Plush Birds
 Plush toys
Thayer Birding Software's Gold Edition is the ultimate birding resource! The action videos, highly detailed range maps and band code identifications make this a must-have for your birding library. Import your own photos, songs & videos and seamlessly integrate them so they appear as part of the program--showing up on the field guide page, in quizzes and even in side-by-side comparisons! No longer just for birds,  now create quizzes on any topic! Import media for any subject--wildflowers, trees, and even US Presidents!
to learn all about bird identification, bird behavior and feeding wild birds!
# 1 Audio Guide 
Owls have a rich repertoire of sounds for communicating in the dark. This 2-CD audio guide from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology includes nearly 200 tracks of hoots, screams, chitters, squawks, squeals, bill claps and barks of 19 regularly occurring species of North American owls. Includes a 56-page booklet with full-color images. Other bestsellers include:
# 1 Binocular
Receive a $50 Rebate through 12/31/09
Experience the WOW factor! There's a reason this is the best selling binocular--designed with the perfect formula for bright, crisp details, a generous 358 foot wide field of view and a 4.9 foot close focus. Waterproof, argon purged for fogproofing and backed by Vortex's VIP unconditional lifetime warranty, the Fury binocular is a great value and meant to last for generations. See for yourself why the Fury is the perfect choice.
pssst...Kids love binoculars! Get them in every color!
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Favorite Feeder & Bath

Squirrel-proof feeders
The squirrel's weight causes the perches to collapse, dumping the squirrel unceremoniously to the ground. See more squirrel-proof feeders and accessories.
Heated Bird Baths
Ice-free water is a must for birds in winter. Don't let them down! Place bird baths on the south side of your home in colder climates.
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# 1 Field Guide
This field-usable guide, with over 6,500 of the renowned artistist's paintings, is the definitive reference tool for the identification of North American birds. Experts at also recommend:
Best Gifts
Your purchase of these shade grown and organic coffees raises money for American Birding Association and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
Doggie love
Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. A nationally syndicated humorist and a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer collaborate on this elegantly illustrated portrait book for anyone who has ever loved an old dog.
Tree Guides
Sibley Guide to Trees All-new, beautifully illustrated guide book to trees from America's #1 best-selling nature author

Animal Tracking
This copiously illustrated guide outlines how to identify different animals through the study of tracks, scats, and animal signs.
Photo Contest Winners!
3-Tube Finch Feeder  3-Tube Finch Feeder
      North America Winner                                      World Winner
            Wilson's Warbler                                        Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird
by Russ Ergen, St. Cloud, MN                                  Doug Sonerholm, Costa Rica
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