WildBirds.com eNewsletter May 2009
Bird World Wars
Thistle FeederMany assume bird songs are sweet melodies sung by idyllically happy birds...Not true. "Song" is a complete misnomer for the war cry of a fierce flicker defending its territory, or a warbler's warning, declaring ownership of mating, nesting and feeding grounds. And, if the "back off" bellow is not enough to deter intruders, the battles can escalate to visual and auditory displays, dramatic chases and even combat.
Birds display to signal and communicate with other birds. Acoustical displays include many types of sounds emanating from bills, feet, wings or tails--the drumming of a Downy Woodpecker, the bill clatter of a stork or the wing whistle of a male Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Visual displays are endless including; aerial stunts, ruffled plumage, and different body, bill and tail positions. Learning to recognize displays is a fun part of birding.
Watching bird behavior is fascinating and FREE! Listen for bird sounds and keep your eyes peeled for bird interactions. These indicate a social (or often anti-social) interaction. "What is that bird doing and why?" are valuable questions when observing bird behavior. Be aware that your presence impacts their behavior so maintain your distance by having a pair of binoculars handy. (I keep mine on the windowsill.) And, nothing works better than a feeder to watch the antics of the bird world.
To learn more about bird behavior, The Birder's Handbook is a classic guide to bird identification and behavior. Or, Thayer Birding Software includes The Birder's Handbook as part of their software and features a whole lot more, such as; fun quizzes to help hone your birding skills, superb photos and songs, downloads to and iPod/MP3 player, action videos and much more.
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How to Choose a Binocular
Which binocular is right for me?
Binoculars have two numbers, such as 8x42 or 12x50. The first number is the magnification or "power". Eight means that an object will appear eight times closer than it would with your naked eyes.
The second number is the size (in millimeters) of the lens at the far end of the binocular. A larger lens lets in more light. And, because the best birding occurs at dawn or dusk, an 8x42 or 8x50 is best. Read more.
OnlineNatureMall.com recommends powers of 8 or 10 for birding!
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Squirrel Wars
Who's Winning?
Are you a warrior in the war of wits with squirrels?  Squirrels will scamper up trees, poles, siding and screens to rob us of our seed. I don't know about you, but I take it personally. I strategize against an enemy that is sly, crafty, persistent, patient and, given the relative size of their brain vs. mine, probably smarter than me. I am not alone in my plight. Books, coffee mugs, DVDs, hats and even t-shirts declare war on the squirrel.  Here is some ammunition to thwart the foe...
Yankee Dipper            Squirrel Gurard Pole Mount         Squirrel-proof Hopper Feeder
1. Yankee Dipper Squirrel-Proof Feeder - No more seed for you!
2. Squirrel Guard Pole Mount - Thought you could outsmart me!
3. Green Absolute II - The cafe is closed!
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Mourning Doves 
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Contest Rules: Only one photo per contest may be submitted. All birds photographed for this contest must be alive and living in the wild. You must also correctly identify the bird in your photo! Not sure of the name of the bird? Thayer Birding Software's Identification Wizard lets you input the size, colors, habitat, location and even the song of any North American bird, then displays a photo gallery of all the birds fitting your description for easy identification!  
We have 2 categories: One for birds found in North America and one for birds found around the world. Please identify which category you are entering.
Mourning Doves by Nancy Rezabek, Apache Junction, AZ