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Birding Budget

June 2009

Gifts Dad Wants...or Pleeease Not Another Tie!
Fathers everywhere Do Not want another tie, set of screwdrivers, men's cologne etc! What does dad want? Hands down, for nature-lovers, it's binoculars! makes choosing the right one for dad easy by dividing the binoculars into groups, such as:
Birding or Marine/Hawkwatch or CompactSee more of what dad wants!
Get Back to Nature - It's Free!
Spring is one of the best times to "get back to nature." Birds and wildlife are in the frantic throes of mating, nesting and rearing their young.  And, in the midst of such an iffy economic climate, watching and participating in one of the best shows in town is free (or close to it). Whether you're rolling in the dough or budgeting on a shoestring, take a look at what you need to get started: 

AIG Bonus Budget            Chic-to-be-Cheep Budget         Still Employed Budget

Birds of North America Gold Edition
Thayer Birding Software Gold Edition is the ultimate birding resource! The highly detailed range maps and band code identifications make this a must-have for your birding library. Import your own photos, songs & videos and seamlessly integrate them so they appear as part of the program--showing up on the field guide page, in quizzes and even in side-by-side comparisons.
8.5x50 Razor Birding Binocular
8.5x50 Vortex Razor Birding Binocular is on the cutting edge of optic technology featuring unparalleled optical performance that delivers images of superior and stunning visual quality and clarity. A truly high end, quality binocular with all the features birders want. Beautiful, ergonomic design and contour.

  Droll Yankee's Jagunda Feeder
Jagunda Feeder 
Droll Yankee's Jagunda Feeder with Auger is a squirrel proof, pole mounted, domed platform/hopper style feeder. Seed stays dry. Great for feeding Cardinals, Blue Jays, Mourning Doves and more!
to learn all about bird identification, bird behavior and feeding wild birds!
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Birds of North America
for Windows or Mac
Thayer Birding Software's Guide to Birds of North America for Mac & Windows includes 927 birds found in the US & Canada. At home or in the field, this interactive field guide is birding at its best! Hundreds of photos, songs and quizzes make learning fun. Zoom in for startling close-ups and compare photos and songs side-by-side for easy identification. 
Vortex 8x42 Diamondback Binocular
Vortex 8x42 Diamondback Binoculars focus smoothly on the fine details you prize as an outdoor enthusiast. It also offers great value, wide-field viewing, and easy handling in any situation. Bright views in dim light, fully multi-coated optics and premium glass and coatings deliver sharp, greatly contrasted images in all lighting conditions.
Big  Tube Feeder
Sunflower Feeders
Most species of birds prefer sunflower seeds and this AspectsTube Feeder attracts more birds! This feeder allows song birds easy clearance and works well with any type of seed. The heavy die-casting  and clear UV tube make it last a lifetime! Easy to clean to maintain the health of birds.  
Birds of
My State
Birds of My State
Thayer Birding Software's Birds of My State for Windows & Mac is the top-rated birding CD-ROM. Eliminate the guesswork with the easy-to-use ID Wizard. Fun quizzes sharpen your birding skills. Easily export photos and songs to your iPod or MP3. Extra Bonus: Includes the entire Birder's Handbook, a classic reference, with hundreds of articles on every aspect of bird behavior.
Triumph 10x25
Compact Binocular
Compact Binoculars
Small in size and weight, the Triumph 10x25 Compact Binocular delivers big performance with razor sharp images! They feature long eye relief and twist-and-lock eyecups--ideal for anyone wearing glasses. The compact size combined with high quality optics make these ideal for all uses and many think it suitable as their primary binocular.
Brome Squirrel Buster Mini Feeder
Squirrel Proof Feeders
Win the squirrel wars with this Brome Squirrel Buster Mini feeder. The patented Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel proof and prevents wasting seed on squirrels and keeps it for the birds! When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight closes access to the seed ports. All squirrels and many large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way.
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