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Just being in motion will never get you to your Big. To do that, you need to be sure you're doing the right things, in the right order, for the right reasons.

Enter the Take Action Now System (tm). 

This seven-step system clarifies the activities that are mission-critical to your success. It then walks you through a process for creating step-by-step action plans to implement those key activities.

The result? You get off the hamster wheel of motion-without-progress and get on a more direct route to more clients and more money.

Forget about being busy; start getting focused by downloading your no-charge PDF version of the Take Action Now System (tm) today.
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Question: In a bacon-and-eggs breakfast, what's the difference between the chicken providing the eggs and the pig providing the bacon?


Answer: The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.


You may have heard this riddle before, so that leads to another question: Have you applied this concept to your business?  Are you still operating in "nice idea" mode - which means that you have an expensive hobby rather than a business - or are you truly committed to doing whatever it takes to create the outcomes you desire?  


A major problem for many creative entrepreneurs is that there's just so darn much that we'd like to commit to, we can make ourselves crazy trying to translate ideas into action.  It can get so bad that we end up essentially paralyzed by possibilities.


When you're ready for ideas to bolster your commitment to stepping into big, check out the following. 

Tip of the Week
Operate from the position of "80% and go."

I first heard this from my friend and Mastermind colleague, Pat Schuler of Kick Butt Sales Training. It's a concept elegant and powerful in its simplicity: Launch your new product/service/website/blog post/whatever when it's at 80% of its potential wonderfulness.  Doing so will keep you from getting caught up in Perfection Paralysis.
As General George S. Patton said, "A good plan ... executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week." 
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How would you like to make your blog posts available on the tens of thousands of Kindle e-readers currently in use? 

It's easy to do:  Go to and sign up for an account.
They'll walk you through the directions to create an account, then will notify you when it's up and running.
How's This for Success?   

Stepping Into Big, LLC

Yes, it's "Toot Your Own Horn Day" in my world.


I actually did publish my own blog to Kindle, so when I say it's easy to do, I'm speaking from personal experience.  A friend showed it to me on her Kindle just two days after I created my account.  Wow! I feel like I'm hitting the big time.


If you've read even a few of my ezines or blog posts, you know that nothing makes me crazier faster than not being able to figure out how to make my technology do what I want it to do.  However, since I'm committed to getting my message out there in a big way, I'm willing to risk the aggravation of technology arguments.  And you know what?  Sometimes the argument I was braced for never materializes - and that's worth a major celebration. 

Out and About   


Thursday, October 11, 2012: featured speaker at Career Directors International's 12th annual Global Career Empowerment Summit in San Diego, CA.

Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets
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So. You're creative, you're committed...and maybe confounded.  Can you fully commit to all your great ideas, or do you have to pick and choose which to implement when?  And if you're in a position of saying "yes, now" to some ideas and "no, not now" to others, how do you decide which is which?  How do you move from ideas to action to exciting outcomes?

aybe I can help.  My specialty is providing a flexibly structured process that leads to clear and confident action.  If that sounds like something that could keep your head from exploding, call or e-mail me to set up a let's-see-what-we-see, get-acquainted call.

Wishing you joy on your journey into Big...

Stepping Into Big

Life is good.   

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