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Just being in motion will never get you to your Big. To do that, you need to be sure you're doing the right things, in the right order, for the right reasons.

Enter the Take Action Now System (tm). 

This seven-step system clarifies the activities that are mission-critical to your success. It then walks you through a process for creating step-by-step action plans to implement those key activities.

The result? You get off the hamster wheel of motion-without-progress and get on a more direct route to more clients and more money.

Forget about being busy; start getting focused by downloading your no-charge PDF version of the Take Action Now System (tm) today.
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A common expression in the metaphysical community is, "Energy flows where attention goes." In other words, you'll tend to get results that reflect your predominant thoughts. This is excellent news if you're one of those people who habitually focus on positive outcomes instead of any obstacles in the road.

On the other hand, if you're one of the many perfectionists who home in on the myriad things that didn't go just right, you're asking for a world of hurt. If your thoughts are taken up with "wrong" or "not what I wanted," chances are very good that you'll get more unwanted outcomes.

As you challenge yourself to keep your attention and intention clearly focused on all the good stuff you want to create, take advantage of the following tools.
Tip of the Week
Focus on what is working, not on what isn't.

There's no question that, if something is not working right in your business, you get to address it. However, this is very different than putting all your attention on what's "wrong".

If you spend too much time and energy wallowing in what's not right, you'll rob yourself of the courage, confidence, and commitment required to make it right.

Acknowledge the oopses, address them, but always remember to acknowledge and celebrate all the things you do right, too.
A Really Good Resource

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If you're looking for some fascinating tools to help you focus on what you want instead of what you don't want, check out The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

The authors lead you through exercises designed to help you clarify your desired outcomes and take steps to create them. Step one is to know what you want to create - in other words, do the work to focus your efforts. The results are so worthwhile. 
How's This for Success?   

Emily Schroeder Orvik, owner of Pro Re Nata Communications, is a great example of the results you can create for yourself - and others - when you're clear what you want.

While Emily is experiencing great success providing integrated marketing communication strategies for her target market, one of her most impressive outcomes is modeling the power of clarity and creativity for her young daughter.

It's not many seven-year-olds who will see an unmet need (keeping squirrels out of your favorite bird feeders), create their own business cards, walk to the store to purchase necessary supplies (note: inform parents before heading out next time), and start developing marketing strategies. However, she knew what she wanted, and she figured out how to get it. Watch out, world, as she gets older and more focused!
Out and About

October 11 - 13, 2012: featured speaker at the 12th Annual Career Directors International conference.  Even if you're not officially a professional in the careers industry, there are sessions (including mine!) that provide tools you can apply to your business.  And on top of that, you'll have the opportunity to network in beautiful San Diego with the cream of the careers industry.
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Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Stepping Into Big
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While it's usually a ton of fun to come up with lots of fabulous business ideas, choosing which to implement and then actually taking action can be more than a little daunting.  If you're feeling a little deer-in-the-headlights over how to get out of neutral, call or e-mail me to set up a free get-acquainted call, so we can figure out how I might be able to move you from the overwhelmed stuckness to confident implementation.

Wishing you a terrific time as you travel your path to Big...

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