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For many children across the United States, October means Halloween - a time to dress up in costumes and get delightfully scared in haunted houses.
As adult business professionals, some of us may be getting scared for real, as we realize the final quarter of the year is beginning. 
Are you on track for your 2010 goals?  If not, I hope some of these Nuggets will give you the boost you  need to get back on track.
October's Top Tips
 purple triskele 
1. You've "heard" me say this before, and I'll say it again:   Nobody cares about your laundry list of services and products.  The only thing your prospects really care about is how you'll create valuable outcomes that they can't (or choose not to) create for themselves.  When you're out networking, talk value rather than products, tasks, or processes.
2.  While some people may disagree, effective follow up is actually FUN.  It's easier to do when you focus on the results you want to get from your follow-up activities.  It makes you stand out - indeed, you'll appear unique - because so few people follow up in a timely mannner.  And, lastly, doing it now minimizes your stress and improves your outcomes.
3.  Make a small but mighty investment in a high-quality business card holder.  This can be as much a part of your business image as your suits and shoes.
How's This for Success?  
Always Graceful Living website imageYour tag line can be one of your most powerful networking tools.  Consider the one on the business card of Char Jebens, BSN, president of Always Graceful Living, LLC.  She clearly tells her senior-citizen prospects and clients that her focus is "helping you identify small life changes that enable you to keep up with your grandchildren."  Notice how in a single sentence she alludes to both her prospect's pain - being unable to enjoy the grandkids - as well as the result they're really hoping for - being able to keep up with and delight in those children.  Brilliant!
Really Good Resources
 light bulb
 1. TimeTrade is "an online appointment invitation system designed for business professionals who want to invite others to schedule a personal interaction such as a meeting, phone call, interview or consultation."  For less than $3 a month, you can streamline setting appointments with clients, prospects, and strategic allies.  (Thanks to Rebecca Metz of Modern Inconveniences for sharing this resource.)
2.  DreamHost is a website-hosting service that has very reasonable rates and the most amazing customer service people.  They're quick to respond whenever I post a question through the "live (online) chat" option, and I can even print a transcript of the chat for future reference.  Luke, Jeremy T., Gary, and Oscar are now some of my very best friends.
3.  Do you need to time a presentation?  Do you want a reminder of when to call in to a teleseminar?  If so, try Online Stopwatch.  This free website allows you to count up (to time presentations) and to count down as an alarm clock would.  I'm surprised by the number of situations in which this comes in handy.
Client Connections in Action
Women in Networking presentation - Four EEEEasy Steps to Crafting Your One-Minute Business Showcase - Wednesday, 10/27/10, 4:30 p.m., OffiCenters International Plaza: 7900 International Drive, Bloomington, MN, 55425.
Oakdale Networkers presentation - Networking Nuggets - Tuesday, 11/9/10, 11:30 a.m., Sergeant Pepper's:  930 Helena Avenue North, Oakdale, MN, 55128.
American Society for Training and Development, Twin Cities Chapter, Annual Conference break-out session - Giving Voice to Your Value -Wednesday, 11/10/10, 9 a.m., St. Paul RiverCenter.
Thanks to my friend Flickr.
Here are this month's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets:
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The unknown is often frightening.  Two of the best antidotes to this fear are (1) committing yourself to ongoing learning and (2) simply taking purposeful action.  Not only will these activities enhance your business outcomes, but, hey - they're a lot more appealing than hanging garlic around your neck to keep the scary things at bay.
Wishing you a year of dazzling success,

Client Connections
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