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People in many countries celebrate Valentine's Day by expressing love and appreciation to special companions in their lives.  As a result, February 14th makes florists and chocolatiers very happy.


I like the idea of spreading the warm fuzzies around a wider circle, however, so I make it a point to look for things I value in not only friends and family, but also neighbors, business colleagues, even casual acquaintances. 


I've heard from many sources that a feeling of gratitude is a powerful creative force; that we can actually make the world a more joyful place by finding people and things to be grateful for, then expressing that gratitude.  I believe it's true, so I make it a point to do my part.


I also know how good it feels to be on the receiving end of gratitude and appreciation. 


I met with my Mastermind group yesterday and apologized for some snarky comments I'd made.  I apologized because it was the right thing to do and I knew I'd feel better acknowledging and apologizing for my bad behavior. 


Who knew I'd get the added bonus of acknowledgement from one of my Mastermind colleagues?  Cari thanked me for taking responsibility for my actions and told me she thought it showed courage and character to do so.  This sort of thing is celestial music to the ears of someone whose Love Language is Words Of Affirmation!  And as an added added bonus, I realized that it was okay for me to give myself a pat on the back, too, for my big-girl decision.


So, as you go about your daily routines, I hope you find lots of opportunities to express your appreciation and gratitude to other people, and I hope that the following Nuggets will help you serve your clients in a way that makes them really grateful for you.



February's Top Tips
 purple triskele 
1. Always challenge your priorities by asking this question:  "Is what I'm about to do urgent or is it important?"  An urgent task is one which has some time pressure associated with it, whereas an important task is one which has some significant consequences associated with it.  And why do you care?  Because many "urgent" tasks are nothing more than an excuse to avoid doing the often-uncomfortable important tasks that can grow your business.  If you've ever stopped working on a proposal for a new client in order to respond to the seductive chime on your smartphone or laptop that signals incoming e-mail, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
2.  Whether you're searching for your lucky new employer or a fabulous new client, focus on assets rather than activities.  In other words, don't just talk about what you do; talk about how those activities make you a valuable asset by giving your employer/client what they want.
3.  When you're an exhibitor at a trade show or expo, remember:  Energy and interest are attractive.  Stand in front of your booth; never sit behind a table.  You want to make it easy for prospects to interact with you, and being both physically and emotionally accessible will go a long way to making that happen.
How's This for Success? 


Check Engine Express

If you've ever guiltily ignored the "check engine" light on your dashboard, you'll appreciate

Check Engine Express. The company is the brainchild of Anne Sangpan, who finally reached the end of her tolerance for having her check-engine light come on and sneer at her.  Anne and her partner, customer-service specialist extraordinaire Shane Burgeson, have gone from working out of a friend's shop part-time to having two full-time mechanics on staff in their own custom-designed service facility.  Their growth has been almost entirely due to the powerful networking and word-of-mouth promotion that supports their efficient, cost-effective service.  (By the way, did you realize that Toyota Siennas have three catalytic converters?  Shane was very gentle in breaking this news to me when I had to replace them.  Who knew?)

Really Good Resources
 light bulb
1. For those of you living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and going through a job transition, check out WomenVenture.  This non-profit has over 30 years' experience in helping both women and men who want to change careers, get their finances in order, or start a small business.  They offer monthly classes on a wide variety of topics related to their areas of expertise, and scholarships, paying up to 90% of the class tuition, are available for many of them.
2.  If you haven't yet checked out WordPress as a platform for your blog, it's time to do so. This software allows the "home page" of your website to serve as a readily update-able blog, while other information can be included on pages that act like a regular website.  Join the likes of CNN, National Geographic Magazine, eBay Ink, the U.S. Library of Congress, Xerox, BlogTalkRadio, and Delta Airlines in taking advantage of this resource.  Note that www.wordpress.COM does not allow commercial ventures; if you're selling anything on your blog/website, you want to use www.wordpress.ORG
3.  If you're doing well generating revenues through face-to-face time with clients and now want to develop some sources of passive income, check out a site called  This site provides information and resources on how to generate revenue by providing information products you've obtained through Private Label Rights.
Thanks to my friend Flickr.
Here are this month's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets:
purple triskele by shiftercat
light bulb by aloshbennett

When you're thinking about who you love and appreciate, it's easy to focus on family and friends. Why not take your appreciation up a level?  Spread it around to clients, vendors, strategic allies, and cool people whose energy is a positive force in your life.  And don't forget to appreciate yourself for all the steps you're willing to take to move ahead in life and business.


Wishing you a year of dazzling success,


Client Connections


Life is good.