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In the United States, the last Monday of May is Memorial Day.  It's a time to remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have died.  Few people reach adulthood without experiencing this kind of loss.


However, I suspect an equally high percentage of business owners have suffered a different, yet still painful, type of loss - the loss (or at least the blurring) of the vision they had when they first started in business.


Has your excitement for your work faded?  Are you just going through the motions because you're no longer feeling nourished and energized?


This is a lousy place to be.  I can say this with certainty, because I only recently emerged from it myself.  With some shifts I've made, internally as well as externally, I'm back into a high-energy, excited mode.  I hope the following Nuggets serve to re-charge you if your batteries are a bit low these days.

Tip of the Week
For most of us, our computer is one of - maybe the - most crucial pieces of business equipment we own.  Doesn't it make sense to keep it happy?


Schedule time next week to sit down and clean up your computer. You can do this during one of your personal down times, when you don't necessarily want to be meeting with clients and prospects.  Even the technically challenged (and I speak from experience here) can:
  • clean up your Internet browsing history and temporary files (in Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Delete Browsing History)
  • empty your e-mail junk folder and deleted-items folder
  • take just one e-mail folder and purge outdated and no-longer-relevant messages
  • go through your e-mail address book and delete contacts that are just taking up space
How's This for Success?   

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Cindy Daniels, my writing partner in WordQueens, belongs to what she calls a "Golden Rolodex" group - a monthly gathering of non-competitive business owners. They're so committed to growing each other's businesses that they've chosen to provide referral fees for any leads passed that result in closed business.

One of those leads was a delightful client for WordQueens:  
a contractor who dubbed us "absolutely fabulous" and said it would have taken him "two years to write what you did in 
a week."  

He was rescued from copywriting hell and got the product he wanted; Cindy's Golden Rolodex colleague got a referral fee; and WordQueens got both kudos and a nice deposit in our bank account.

The win/win/win is our friend.
A Really Good Resource

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Are trade shows and business expos a great way for you to get new prospects?  Then it's crucial that your display tell people without words, "This is a highly professional service provider."  


My colleague, Bill Arland, CEO of Trade Show Solutions, can help you deliver that message.  In the business equivalent of spring cleaning, Bill is selling his extremely high-quality pre-owned displays at up to 75% off retail.  Check it out.
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Here are this month's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets
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I've heard it said that, at the end of life, most people regret their sins of omission more than their sins of commission.  


In other words, we might wince at things we did that were unkind or lacking in integrity - the acts we did commit.  But the things that bring the biggest regrets are those we neglected to do:  the personal connections we let fade, that big dream we never even tried to make a reality, the passion we let wither because it was "too hard" to follow.


Don't run the risk of saying, "If only I had..." when you're on your deathbed.  Instead, use your time now to create a wealth of memories and experiences for yourself by asking, "What if...?"


Wishing you a year of massive success,



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