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If I'm in the mood to watch a somewhat tasteless movie with essentially no redeeming social value, Young Frankenstein, by Mel Brooks, is a top choice.


One of my favorite lines in this film comes when Igor (Marty Feldman) is hitting on Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn) behind the back of her fiance, Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder).  When the good Doctor appears, Igor counsels Elizabeth - who has already been rendered speechless by Igor's advances - to "Say nothing.  Act casual."


I gave some serious consideration to following his advice myself when I realized this morning that I had completely brain burped on sending out yesterday's newsletter.  Hmmm...Maybe no one will notice it's a day late if I don't call attention to it...


While tempting, I realized that this would have felt like acting out of integrity. Not only that, but such behavior wouldn't have fit with my current commitment to playing at a higher level and in a bigger way than I've ever done before.  So, having said that...




I hope the following Nuggets will provide some ideas on how you can avoid needing to make similar admissions in the future.

Tip of the Week
Schedule time for important tasks so they don't fall through the cracks.  Even if you think there's no way you'd forget to take care of a task, schedule it anyway.  
I got smug with "knowing" I'd always remember to get the Nuggets out each Friday, and I forgot my own excellent advice.  I'm delighted that the reason I missed my self-imposed newsletter deadline was because I was on-boarding two clients for a new service I'm offering. However, that doesn't make the oversight any less embarrassing.
How's This for Success?   

coffee beans


You can benefit from networking anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


Deb Irvin, owner of West Side Perk in Bloomington, MN, has lived in her community for over 20 years. During that time she's been active in everything ranging from kids' sports to church activities.


Since she put her heart into creating and maintaining her relationships, she already had a humongous network of friends and connections who were happy to check out her new venture and help her succeed in it.  


The result?  Even though West Side Perk only opened its doors two weeks ago, Deb already has regular customers who either take advantage of the convenient drive-through or hang out inside to enjoy great coffee, complimentary WiFi, fun ambiance, and free doggie treats for their furry friends.

A Really Good Resource

light bulb
A mastermind group is an invaluable source of ideas, input, accountability, and as-needed butt-kicking.
To get ideas on how to set one up for yourself, check out these responses to a request for information that was printed in SpeakerNetNews.
Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets
coffee beans by Dianne and Thomas Jones
light bulb by aloshbennett
So, I think I'm going to survive the embarrassment of having missed a deadline, and I feel comfortable for owning up to my brain burp.  I could have tried brushing it under the carpet, but this feels gutsier and more powerful.  I guess that's a fair trade-off (but I'm still going to console myself with some chocolate).

Wishing you the courage to be uncomfortable...

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