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The oppressively hot and humid weather Minnesota has endured for days on end has moderated - yay!!  We're now able to go outside and enjoy warmth without feeling like we need gills to breathe the wet, heavy air.


Personally, I'm feeling kind of tired now that the weather is more seasonable.  I find that curious, since it seems the cooler temps would have invigorated me.  I'm wondering if I was in more of an "endurance" mode than I realized with that hot, hot weather.


On top of that, my new business is only a month or so away from launching.  The work is moving ahead wonderfully - I feel like I'm really in the flow - AND it's also very energy intensive.  My wagon is definitely draggin' these days.


In fact, I decided it was time for a serious re-charge, so I booked a two-night mini-retreat at a hermitage.  It's going to be me, my drums, the lake, and a cabin all to myself.  I'm not taking any business books, no personal development stuff...not even my laptop. (Mayday!  Mayday!  Vital body part missing!!)


Whether you're in a re-group mode or you're moving full steam ahead, I trust that you'll do exactly what's best for you and your business.  When it is time to stride forward, these Nuggets will come in handy for you.

Tip of the Week
Organize, don't agonize.


Do you have your favorite business-related websites organized into categories?  How about e-mails?  Tasks?  


Setting up those organizing systems for myself was not exactly fun, but I'm so glad I finally saw the light.  
Not sure how to do it for yourself?  Consider throwing yourself on the mercy of a professional organizer or virtual assistant.
How's This for Success?   

MacWorks logo


Here's a fabulous example of creating a niche that allows you to be of huge value to your clients while exceeding your own financial goals.


Dennis Nolan, founder and principal of MacWorks, is a highly creative techie.  As a professional photographer and part-time computer geek, he realized he loved his photography work but didn't feel especially kindly toward the resulting bank balance.  


After a while, he noticed that his professional colleagues were asking him to help them with their photography-related tech problems.  He realized that he had a different kind of fun working on the tech side of creativity, AND he was providing such value that he was generating the kind of revenues that made him smile.


Now he's established a reputation as the techie with a photographer's heart who serves as "your bridge between technology and creativity." Brilliant!

A Really Good Resource

light bulb
If you're wondering how you can find cost-effective professional help, OR if you're looking for a free venue for promoting your services, consider Thumbtack.  This online tool allows B2B and B2C service providers to create, at no charge, a profile of the services they offer; these listings are then used by both consumers to "find and book trustworthy local services".  You've got nothing to lose by trying it and a lot to potentially gain.  Have at it!
Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets
light bulb by aloshbennett
We've all heard about the need to work on our business as well as in it.  Since each of us, as an entrepreneur, is really the heart and soul of said business, be sure to work on yourself as well as on all the nuts and bolts of the business.  The payoff will be even greater.

Wishing you fully charged batteries...

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