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Guideposts for Your Journey to Genius                           September 2, 2011  
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I hope you're noticing some changes in the newsletter:
  • new color scheme
  • new title
  • new tag line
  • new picture
It's time for this face-lift because (after having taken several deep, calming breaths) I'm officially announcing the launch of my new business, Stepping Into Big, LLC.

This next phase of my life is already making my heart sing and - based on early reviews - I'm also providing huge value.  
I've been working with several guinea pigs (No, wait!  Did I really say "guinea pigs"? !?  I obviously meant "strategic co-creators"....)  Anyway, I've been working with them.  I figure that comments like "Where have you been all my life?" and "That one comment right there was worth the full investment" indicate that the 30+ years I've spent gathering, applying, and organizing business resources are coming in handy for my clients.
Thank you so much for accompanying me on the journey that's brought me to this point.  And welcome aboard for the next leg of the trip; it should be a terrific ride!
Tip of the Week
Practice drying your toes without bracing your hand on the wall.
This gives you a powerful tactile demonstration of how focusing on the challenges of your situation just makes them more challenging. 

By the same token, if you concentrate on the outcome you want - whether dry toes or creating a new continuity program for your business - you become steadier, more focused, and far less likely to lose your balance.

Trust me on this.   
How's This for Success?   



I have a burning hatred for getting my picture taken.


However, a new business deserves a new image, so I asked my network for recommendations on a photographer.


My MasterMind buddy, Pat Schuler of KickButt Sales Training, raved over Gil Martinez of Martinez Photography.  Gil had done such an exceptional job of showcasing his work that he was top of mind when I requested a recommendation from Pat.  


So I made an appointment to get my photo taken and discovered that the glowing reviews were well deserved.  Gil went way above and beyond what I'd hoped for, and he actually created images that I'm happy to post on social media sites.  The Age of Miracles has apparently arrived.

A Really Good Resource

light bulb
Since clients prepared to start Stepping Into Big are typically a little scared as well as excited, I'm delighted to have discovered a book called Find Your Courage, by Margie Warrell.

Since the focus of the 90-day SIB process is moving people from ideas to action, I'm particularly in love with the bias of this book, as described in the sub-title: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life.
Thanks to my friend Flickr.


Here are this week's heroes who graciously allowed me to use their images, posted in the Creative Commons area of Flickr, in this issue of Networking Nuggets
light bulb by aloshbennett
Stepping Into Big means different things to different people - and that's just perfect.  It doesn't matter so much where we're heading as that we're choosing to do what it takes to move forward, to create a bigger business and a bigger life - whatever that looks like for each of us.

Wishing you courage, excitement, and joy as you step into your big...

Stepping Into Big

Life is good.

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