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Chicken Fingers Parmesan
Chicken Fingers Parmesan

Chicken is Easy!

Chances are you have some form of chicken in your refrigerator or freezer right now. Maybe it's  fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts just waiting to be transformed into 

Kung Pao Chicken for Two.  

Kung Pao Chicken for two
Kung Pao Chicken for Two

 Or perhaps it's a family size pack of chicken thighs.

Chipolte Chicken small
Copycat Chipolte Chicken

Copycat Chipolte Chicken takes only 12 minutes on the grill after marinating overnight. Or maybe it's chicken tenders that you bought on a BOGO special last week and threw one package in the freezer.

Chicken Fingers Parmesan 


Let's say you've got leftover

Grilled Chicken from the weekend, or you've just Poached a Big Batch of Chicken.

Either one tastes delicious in

Bowtie Pasta with Chicken, Grapes and Peas. 

Bowtie Pasta with Chicken, Grapes and Peas
Bowtie Pasta with Chicken, Grapes and Peas

Check out all the other great Chicken Recipes on Kitchen Scoop. And come back often -- we're adding new recipes most every day!

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