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Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake
Cinnamon Swirl Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Favorite Old-Fashioned Recipes      

       Seems like everyone is craving their favorite comfort foods, so we thought we'd share of few of ours in today's newsletter. This Cinnamon Swirl Sour Cream Coffee Cake has been in Beverly's family for years. It's amazingly easy to "swirl" together, and because it's base is a cake mix, it's also foolproof. This is our go-to, take-along brunch item time and again.  

Super Simple Succotash
Super Simple Succotash


We both grew up eating our grandmother's and mother's fresh-from-the-harvest vegetables, and Succotash was a staple. But with the quality of frozen vegetables these days, old-fashioned goodness is so easy to duplicate. Try  

our Super Simple Succotash for an easy side at any season.


Old fashioned Southern Chicken Salad
Old-Fashioned Southern Chicken Salad

       Back when soda fountains dotted every small town in the the South, you could always count on fantastic chicken salad sandwiches. We've made this simple Old-Fashioned Southern Chicken Salad with lots of sweet pickle, just like the recipe from our favorite old-fashioned soda fountains.


Iceberg Wedge ATW
Iceberg Wedge Salad "All-The-Way"

         And finally, one of our all-time favorite nostalgic recipes -- Iceberg Wedge Salad All the Way. With all of the "fancy" greens at the market these days, we thought this classic had all but disappeared. But in the past couple of years we've noticed its revival at our favorite steak houses, and we think it's time to make The Wedge a staple at dinner once again!

Since most all of our recipes are our combined favorites, our website is loaded with all kinds of new and old-fashioned recipes we think you'll love. Check out the daily recipe additions, plus all of the topics that we're chatting about at Kitchen Scoop! 



Beverly and Alicia


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