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     Fat Tuesday is Pancake Day!  

       In our desperate kitchens Fat Tuesday is a day to pig out on pancakes - but it's also an excuse to make an easy dinner that everyone enjoys!

Best Ever Light and Fluffy Pancakes
Best Ever Light and Fluffy Pancakes

        We're always happy for a reason to serve breakfast for dinner, and now we have an official occasion. Today is Fat Tuesday - the last day of Mardi Gras and the day before Lent begins. Also called "Shrove Tuesday" and "Pancake Tuesday," the tradition of serving hotcakes on the eve of Ash Wednesday started as a way to use up all the fat and sugar before the Lenten fasting began.


Best Ever Light and Fluffy Pancakes

So we've decided to feature pancakes in this newsletter. (To find the exact recipe, visit our Website at www.KitchenScoop.com or click here to be transported directly to the recipe card.) Think of what pancakes do for a Sunday morning, and then just imagine how delightful they'd be for dinner on a seemingly normal Tuesday night. But these aren't just any pancakes. The recipe comes from one of our favorite cookbooks called "The Perfect Recipe" by Pam Anderson (Houghton Mifflin, 1998).


Pam, a former executive editor of "Cooks Illustrated," is indeed a perfectionist, and when she set out to make "Light and Fluffy Pancakes," it took seven test batches -- using a variety of flours, liquids and leavenings -- for her to get a flapjack that met her standards.


       The secret to these "perfect pancakes" is the low amount of baking powder and separating the egg, with the white getting mixed in with the milk and the yolk going in with the melted butter. (Mixing the entire egg with the warm butter caused it to harden.)



Best Ever Light and Fluffy Pancakes
...until the very last bite

Best-Ever Light and Fluffy Pancakes are terrific plain with a little maple syrup, but you can also get creative. Once the batter hits the skillet, you can scatter the tops with the likes of blueberries, chocolate or peanutbutter morsels, flaked coconut, nuts, chopped strawberries, bananas, or even dried cranberries.


Regardless of whether you whip up these pancakes tonight or on a Sunday morning soon, we're sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks to Pam Anderson, for the perfect pancake recipe! 

Beverly and Alicia
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