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A bunch of beans ...
Easy, good-for-you recipes that taste great!

So beans are cheap. Duh. But fast forward to your digestive system and they're practically a miracle cure.

For starters, beans are a good source of soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol, keeps your arteries flexible, and helps protect against heart disease and high blood pressure.

That ought to be enough, but no! Beans have almost as much protein as meat but almost none of the fat or cholesterol. They contain folic acid, which is the stuff that helps prevent birth defects and also heart disease. They're a good source of iron, potassium, and other minerals.

We know beans are good for us, but that's not the only reason we keep inventing new recipes. Beans are flexible, and they taste great. While most of our bean recipes end up being vegetarian, you can always add meat to the mix -- sliced sausages and ground beef can simply be stirred into the pan. Or top any of these recipes with cooked shrimp or chicken chunks.

If you have favorite bean recipes you'd like to share, email them to us at tellus@KitchenScoop.com. As always, thanks for reading us!

Black Bean and Veggie Chili
Black Bean and veggie chili
Yes, it's a vegetarian recipe -- but we're betting you never miss the meat!
Truly Vegetarian Minestrone
Truly Vegetarian Minestrone
Minestrone doesn't usually have any actual meat but is classically made with beef and chicken broth. Our solution provides a delicious vegetarian alternative.
Very Veggie Lentil Chili
Very Veggie Lentil Chili
Thanks to lentils, the texture of this recipe is similar to "regular" chili. Plus, the flavors are bold enough to transform this lowly, inexpensive legume to a real feast.

Beverly and Alicia
Beans, Beans are good for you!

Chili Beans over Rice

Jerry's Immortal Baked Beans

Speedy Black Bean Soup

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