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We've gone cookie crazy!
Sweet recipes you and your family will love

If there's one thing you've told us, you love cookies -- both eating them and baking them. Whether you're teaching your kids to bake, turning out cookies for school bake sales, for parties or potluck gatherings, we've got you covered. Cookie recipes at KitchenScoop.com include everything from tried-and-true classics to no-bake wonders and this utltra-easy, truly quick "cookie" made from a box of refrigerated pie crusts. It's called, naturally, Pecan Pie Crust Cookies.

The "cookie club" at Kitchen Scoop got started when one of our readers told us she redesigned her entire kitchen based on her recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. That's where the passion on The Scoop started -- and now it includes a "healthy"
whole-grain butterless cookie, tea cakes and more.

We're willing to bet this is just a partial list -- and we feel fairly certain there are other cookies you're passionate about. If you have cookie recipes you'd like to share, email them to us at tellus@KitchenScoop.com. We'd love to have them in time to test them for Christmas, and we'll share a selection of your recipes in an upcoming newsletter.

Thanks for sharing, and as always, thanks for reading us!



There's a trusty little secret for why these cinnamon-sugar confections turn out so thin and crispy!
Grandma Gayle's Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies

Alicia's mom made these classics for her kids -- and these days they're just as popular with the grandchildren.

Beverly and Alicia
Cookies Galore!

Nanny Edith's Sugar Cookies

Liza's Angel Slices

No-Bake Chocolate  Oatmeal Cookies

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